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Terminal Tackle Review


Come Along for the Ride and Bring Your Wacky Saddle


Date: 1/26/19
Tackle Type: Terminal
Manufacturer: Frenzy Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.67 + INNOVATION AWARD

The strategy of wacky rigging soft plastic stick baits and large worms has become a mainstay for many bass anglers and is a rigging method that leads to popular variants like the Neko rig. Most anglers make use of standard O-rings or small rubber bands and some manufacturers now even imbed O-rings within their soft plastic stick baits. Billy Hines recently introduced us to an intriguing wacky rigging aid designed by Greg Gutierrez that we felt was worth a close look. Introducing the Frenzy Baits Wacky Saddle O-rings.


Introducing Frenzy Baits's Wacky Saddle


Frenzy Baits Wacky Saddle O-rings Specifications

Material Soft Plastic
Terminal Tackle Type O-ring.
Sizes Large & Small
Color Black
MSRP $6.99 (pack of 25)

The Wacky Saddle is available in a kit, like this, or a refill packet like the previous photo

Impressions: Frenzy Bait's Wacky Saddle is very aptly named. The product features two O-rings attached via a flexible rubber mid-section with a width about half the diameter of the rings. The edges of this connecting mid-section are round and match the thickness of the O-rings, but the middle is thin and flat.


They are available in two sizes


Frenzy sells the Wacky Saddle in a kit complete with the large and small sizes and two rigging aids (one large, one small) to help with installation. However, the rings are also available separately in packs of 25. The refill pack is how we were introduced to the product.

Rigging tubes from the kit are in two sizes

Real World Tests: I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a wacky rig aficionado. I'll certainly use this method of rigging, but it is not something I do on a fishing day to fishing day basis. I always found the use of O-rings awkward and did not like how, if you used an O-ring., your hook would be in line with the bait instead of perpendicular when wacky rigged without.

Simply slide the saddle onto the tube at the narrow end

Double it over

So when Billy Hines showed me this product by Frenzy, the light bulb went off. Now I could rig a stick bait wacky, and have the hook sit perpendicular to the worm. But also, if I chose to weight the end of the worm (i.e. in a Neko rig), I could change the hook orientation to run in line with the bait.

Slide the Saddle up along the tube (easier if the tube is wet), stick your worm into the open end of the tube, and slide the Saddle onto the worm

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