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Event Article: 2008 Fred Hall Long Beach Coverage

Fred Hall Long Beach Show: Part 2 - Saltwater Coverage

Date: 3/10/08
Location: Long Beach, CA
Event Dates: 3/5-3/9
Admission: Adults: $15
Kids 15 and under: Free
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: The Fred Hall Long Beach Fishing Tackle and Boat show is back and this year bucking any talk of a economic slowdown the show was extremely lively. Halls were filled with tackle and boat manufacturers along with a mass of consumers looking at the latest tackle and taking part at purchasing tackle at show special pricing. While most shows in California sport a majority of bass fishing tackle, the Fred Hall Long Beach show is split almost 50-50 on freshwater and saltwater tackle. This second part of the show coverage will concentrate on the Saltwater side of the Fred Hall show.


Shimano debuts their Lucanus Jig System at the Fred Hall show


Shimano: We have to give it up to the Laker Girls as the number one attraction at the show but Shimano came in right after. Shimano had one of the most lively booths at the Fred Hall with the debut of the Lucanus Jig System for bottom fishing. This system includes a new jig, rod, and reel that is matched together to form an effective and fun new system designed specifically for bottom fishing.


The Lucanus Jig showing how the hooks are held in place and how it is removed for replacement


The Jig: First the Lucanus Jigs, available in 30 different sizes and colors, they feature a hydrodynamic head design that allows the lure to drop down to the bottom quickly. The lure has a stunning appearance especially with the killer finish and details on the lure's body including glow in the dark eyes for added attractiveness in darker deep water holes. The jig also employs a durable silicon skirt and trailers that gives it plenty of action when jigged along the bottom. Incorporated into the jig's body are dual eyelet design that allows the bottom eyelet to be used to attach an addition leader to it with a heavier sinker for either deeper waters or in faster currents. For further notes and photos on the Jig, read our past show article on the Lucanus Jig. The Lucanus Jigs come in sizes of 2 to 7 ounces and retails from $14.95 to $17.95.


Introducing the Lucanus Jig reel, a specially enhanced and modified Calcutta TE 400LJV


The Reel: With the Lucanus Jig System Shimano comes a new reel designed specifically for this application. It's actually not a "new" reel but rather a modification of a popular and reliable Calcutta TE series. The new-fangled reel, the Calcutta TE 400LJV, features a stamped aluminum handle-side, machined aluminum spool, drilled top crossbar, ergonomic handle grip, titanium levelwind insert, non-disengaging level wind system, and a host of features you would normally expect to see in a Calcutta TE 400.


The handle can be placed in different holes to adjust the retrieve speed and power


Upgraded features include an additional two S A-RB bearings making for a total of six, plus one A-RB roller bearing. The most unique feature on the Calcutta TE 400LJV is an adjustable handle shank. This allows for a super slow retrieve and extra power when needed. To make this change anglers would have to remove the handle and then reassemble it into the second hole on the handle itself. This will vary the retrieve speed and increase or decrease it's torque. The Calcutta TE 400LJV has a retail price of $449.99.


Another view of the Calcutta TE 400LJV


The Rod: The last part of the system is a new Shimano rod to match the presentation. If you have read my Rockfishing article you will know that I searched for a rod that would make a fun presentation using light tackle that can handle big enough rockfish on the West Coast but none are really perfect nor made for saltwater applications. Well, that search may have just ended as we learned more about the new Shimano Tescata rod. The development team at Shimano tried many rods with different actions including freshwater swimbait rods, which I too have uses for my rockcod fishing, to see which was the best. After brainstorming and experimenting, they came out with a rod design with specific tapers and powers to match the Lucanus Jig System for anglers fishing the different lures sizes from shallow to deep water bottom fishing. The Tescata rods utilize Shimano's TC4 construction and feature an inner spiral pattern layer of high-modulus graphite, which is then wrapped with two horizontal layers of advance T-Glass, then wrapped with another spiral pattern layer of again high-modulus graphite. The rod is made powerful but has a rod tip design that absorbs the bite and keeps fish interested after a first short strike.


Shimano designed the Tescata rod with the proper power and action for vertical jigging


The Shimano Tescata rods are either seven or eight feet in length and come in different actions and powers with both spinning and conventional models. Additional features include the New Concept Fuji Alconite guides that are wrapped directly onto the blank for added sensitivity and durability, custom shaped fore and rear grips, a Fuji reel seat with "Soft Touch" paint for added comfort, and a unique double anodized aluminum hook-keeper ring seamlessly molded into the rear grip that's made specifically for the Lucanus Jig double hooks. The Tescata rods come with a limited lifetime over the counter warranty and retails for $199.99.


Robby Gant of Shimano show us the action of the Tescata rod tip



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