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Lure Review


Evergreen International's Chaotic EsFlat Glide Bait


Date: 9/14/20
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Evergreen International
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.92 - GOOD

I've had the extreme good fortune to be able and travel to Brazil in pursuit of Peacock bass on two separate occasions. Back in 2012, I was supposed to head out for a third trip until I came down with a rare medical condition called Gillan-Barre two weeks before I was to depart. It sidelined me for a couple of months but fortunately I recovered. In the meantime, all the lures and other tackle I had set aside for the trip weren't so lucky. They've been sitting in limbo in a corner of my garage ever since.


Sometimes, review subjects are just sitting in my collection of tackle waiting for an opportunity to shine


Enter this past Winter when I was surfing through TackleWarehouse.com looking for new and exciting baits to review this upcoming season. I came across a bait made by Evergreen International that looked oddly familiar to me. It was their ES Flat swimbait. A bell rang in my head and I headed over to my stash of Amazon baits, dug around, and lo and behold, I had one sitting in my stash for almost ten years! I immediately placed it in my pile of baits to fish the coming season and am now happy to share with you my thoughts on this forgotten little gem.


Evergreen International ES Flat Swimbait Specifications

Type Two-piece Glide Bait
Length 5 3/4"
Weight 2 oz
Depth Any (slow sinking bait)
Material Wood or Plastic
Colors ~14
Hooks 2x #1
MSRP $29.99


Introducing Evergreen International's EsFlat


Impressions: Back almost a decade ago, Evergreen International started teasing us about their pending entry to the US Market. After several starts and stops, they finally settled, a few short years ago on a partnership with Daiwa USA the fruits of which are witnessed in their Brett Hite Combat series of fishing rods and a selection of fishing lures. It seems that the company has expanded on that initial roster of lures because the ES Flat, for those in the know, is not a new bait. It is, however, new to US store shelves which is what prompted me to find mine and finally fish it.


As one would expect, this originally JDM only bait has superb detailing


The ES Flat is a two piece bait measuring five and three quarters inches (5.75") in length and weighing a hair under two ounces (2oz). It's rated as a slow sink bait and comes in a variety of colors though many are difficult to find in the US. Maybe Evergreen is still testing demand. It comes with two #1 sized trebles but since mine are so old, I swapped them out to some 3x strong Owner hooks just in case.

Time to get on the water with this old, but new again bait!

Real World Tests: Since the EsFlat is at a very reasonable weight of only 2ozs, I fished it on more conventional gear (i.e. a non-swimbait combo). That being my ARK Rods Reinforcer 7'-4" heavy powered stick matched with my Shimano Bantam 151XG casting reel spooled with 50lb Daiwa JBraid Grand in gray light. Please note this rod's rating is only up to one and a half ounces (1.5oz) in lure weight so I am exceeding manufacturer recommendations here which voids the warranty. My recommendation is to stick to these ratings. This opportunity gave me a good excuse to fish this rod that's otherwise just been sitting in my lineup waiting for a purpose to be used.

The EsFlat comes equipped with a snap for convenience

Castability: The EsFlat casts like a typical two-piece bait. If you use a smooth casting motion it flies relatively well with minimal tumbling action. If you snap cast or employ an otherwise inefficient casting motion, it will tumble like a TIE-Fighter that's had one of its wings clipped during battle. Yet because of its compact size, I'm not so sure the tumbling affects distance and accuracy as much as other baits.

Color selection is currently limited, but hopefully, that will change soon

Rate of Fall: The important thing with this bait is once it splashes down, you can count it down at a rate of one foot per one and a half seconds. It descends with a head down position as if it were a scuba diver holding the dive line on the way down to depths unknown, but it's ready to swim the moment you begin your retrieve.

The bait's soft tail is easily replaced if needed

Next Section: How does the ES Flat swim?









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