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Lure Review


Beefier Deep Diver - The Spinbait 72 Alpha Spybait


Date: 5/10/20
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: DUO
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.33 - GREAT

As spybaiting has become more popular so has the number of available options, but none is more famous than the original DUO spinbait 80, the tiny bait that pretty much introduced American anglers to the technique eight years ago. DUO now expands the lineup with the meatier Spinbait 72 Alpha and also gave us a sneak peek at an even smaller prototype that will soon join the series. 


DUO Realis Spinbait 72 Alpha Specifications

Type Spybait
Depth 4-20feet - Sinking
Size 2 7/8 inches
Weight 1/2oz.
Hooks #6X
Colors/Patterns 16
MSRP $13.99

Impressions: No company has done more to promote spybaiting than DUO, and much like drop shotting back in the early 90's when the technique first appeared on domestic shores it took a while for anglers to understand, and build confidence with the style. David Swendsied, R&D Specialist at DUO, has done a lot to help educate anglers on the spybaiting technique, what setups to use for each bait, when to employ the baits, and how to generate the most strikes.

The DUO Spinbait 72 Alpha builds on the original spinbait design with a shorter but wider profile

When spybaiting first arrived from Japan many anglers viewed it simply as a searching technique, and one that was primarily effective for targeting smaller fish, but as more anglers committed to learning how to fish the Spinbait 80 it earned a reputation for being an effective lure for targeting fish of all sizes in difficult conditions, including cold and crystal clear water.

One of the keys to effective spybaiting is long casts, and even with a bait as streamlined as the Spinbait this meant using lighter fluorocarbon lines like 4-6lbs. for the Spinbait 80, and 5-9lbs for the heavier Spinbait 80 G-Fix. Use of these lighter lines made spinning gear the ideal setup for this technique.

This new Spinbait is designed to be compact but heavy

The new Spinbait 72 Alpha is designed to expand the applications where a Spybait can be effective, and because it is heavier it is easier to cast with all lines, including larger diameter ones, which make it possible to be fished effectively with baitcasters. 

The Spinbait 72 features the same detail in design that we have come to expect from DUO and comes in some exceptional patterns

Real World Tests: I purchased five Spinbait 72 Alpha baits from Tackle Warehouse and fished them alongside my original Spinbait 80 baits. I primarily fished the baits with spinning gear so that I could compare them side by side, but did try fishing the Spinbait 72 lures on baitcasters with 10lb. test Seaguar Tatsu line, and targeted largemouth bass in a variety of Northern California lakes and reservoirs.

The lure may be small at only 2 7/8" but it weighs 1/2oz. and can be fished on either spinning or baitcasting gear

Casting: The original DUO spinbait 80 weighs in at 3/8oz. (9.5g) and has a compact yet heavy fixed weight in the rear of he slim body so that it casts quite easily for such a small sized bait. The first thing that anglers will notice about the Spinbait 72 Alpha is that even though it is shorter at only 72mm it is also significantly heavier than the 80. The Alpha weighs nearly the twice the original at 1/2oz. (15g) and casts much easier with just about any setup.  

Though larger in height the lure is still narrow

I was impressed with how easy the bait was to cast with a baitcaster on 10lb. line but I have to admit that I still felt more comfortable fishing the lure with a spinning setup.

Perhaps I am simply just used to spybaiting with finesse spinning gear but it still felt more natural casting and retrieving with spinning gear. What was very nice was the ability to fish this bait with 8lb. fluorocarbon versus the 4 and 6lb. line that I always use with the Spinbait 80.

A look at the sculpted underbelly

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