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Dream Fishing Tackle's Aftermarket Air Spools (continued)


COR32M: The single Shimano aftermarket spool by DFT, COR32M, is compatible with the entire collection of reel sharing the 2010 Scorpion 1000/1001 frame. This includes the Curado 50/51E, Chronarch 50/51E, Core 50/51, and 2009 Aldebaran.


COR32M is DFT's only Shimano aftermarket spool. It comes with the braking system (but no brakes) and retails for $109.99 spool only or $129.99 with 2 DFT SiC Bearings.

Now the stock spool for these reels weighs in at about 11 grams, so how much lower can you really go with the DFT COR32M spool? How about 8 grams? Granted, spool capacity is minimal (8lb/110yds), but you can now open up an old platform for some bait finesse applications.


STZ105 is compatible with all Steez models as well as the SS SV and TDZ platforms. Retail is $139.99 (spool only) or $149.99 with DFT's SiC Bearing.

STZ105: While the other three spools from DFT are aimed at the enthusiasm for those with more workhorse reels, the manufacturer also offers aftermarket spools for the platform almost single handedly responsible for the entire tuning craze - Daiwa's TDZ/Steez reels. This platform, along with the now discontinued Pixy reels are what launched the entire superttuning craze on TackleTour so it's almost seen as a prerequisite that any third party manufacturer hoping to be taken seriously in the reel accessory market must address this platform, and DFT does just that with the STZ105 and the next spool.


STZ105 is compatible with all Steez models as well as the SS SV and TDZ platforms. Retail is $139.99 (spool only) or $149.99 with DFT's SiC Bearing.


The STZ105 is intended as a general purpose replacement for the standard 100, 105, and 103 spools in the Steez, TDZ, and SS SV reel bodies. It is specified at just under 11 grams (with bearing) replacing spools ranging from 13 - 15 grams (also with bearing).

STZ109 is compatible with all Steez models as well as the SS SV and TDZ platforms. Retail is $139.99 (spool only) or $149.99 with DFT's SiC Bearing.

STZ109: The STZ109 is a pure finesse option for the afore mentioned Steez, TDZ and SS SV platforms. Its manufacturer specified weight is just under 10 grams with a line capacity of 95 meters (~105 yds) for a 0.220mm diameter line (~8lb test).


Are you a reel tuning enthusiast? DFT may have the spool for you.



Dream Fishing Tackle Air Spools Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Every bit the precision you'd expect from a high end aftermarket spool 9
Performance Truly extends the utility of some workhorse reels along with refining already mid to high end reels 8
Price Taken as a percentage of the reels' price points, it's a bit painful, but when compared to other aftermarket brands, very competitive 7.5
Features The Shimano spool comes WITH brake arms, and SiC spools are an option for all models 8
Design (Ergonomics) Not only are they light, but they are attractive too. More color options for the Daiwa spools would be nice 8
Application The EX and TA models are more all purpose spools, while the others are definitely more geared towards finesse applications 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Aftermarket spools for budget reels! - No Zillion spools (yet?)
+ True weight benefits - How about Abu, Quantum, Pflueger, 13 Fishing, Lews, and others?
+ Shimano model comes with brake arms  


Conclusion: Of course, no aftermarket option is perfect. How about options for other manufacturer's reels, or spools for the Shimano Conquest lineup and Daiwa Zillion reels? Give an enthusiast one spool, and they're going to want it them for their entire collection! Especially when they're as easily sourced and not too outrageously priced. Want to have a little fun superttuning your Lexa or Exceler reel? How about squeezing a bit more performance our of your Tatula? Dream Fishing Tackle company has the right approach allowing enthusiast of any tackle line have a little more fun with their existing tackle. It's the ability to foster enthusiasm like this that lands Dream Fishing Tackle our Ultimate Enthusiast Award for their lineup of air spools!


Want some Dream Fishing Tackle spools? Try their website!










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