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Swimbait/Crankbait Review


Swimbait or Crankbait? The Deps Tiny Bulldoze 100


Date: 11/30/21
Tackle type: Swimbait/Crankbait
Manufacturer: Deps
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.16 - GREAT

Introduction: There are few JDM swimbait manufacturers that deserve as much respect as Deps, the OG, and creator of arguably the most respected glidebait on the market with the Slide Swimmer. The Bullshooter and Bulldoze has always played second fiddle to the Slide Swimmer, but are still popular options for anglers looking for gill profiles. This season Deps has miniaturized these lures and introduced Tiny versions designed to target bass of all sizes across a wider range of applications.   


Deps Tiny Bulldoze 100 Specifications

Type Mini Swimbait/Wakebait or Crankbait
Length 4"
Weight 3/4 ounce
Material Resin Body, Semi-rigid PVC rubber fins and tail
Sections Two (one joint)
Hooks #5 coated trebles
Patterns 8
MSRP $50.00


The smallest Deps Bulldoze yet, meet the Tiny Bulldoze, which is less than 4 inches in length and weighs only 3/4 oz.


Impressions: Whenever I think about glidebaits the Deps Slide Swimmer is usually the first bait that comes to mind. Not only is it the bait that pretty much convinced me how effective glide bait fishing can be, but also one that has really stood the test of time.


As a quick refresher for those that are not as familiar with the Deps lineup the Bullshooter and Bulldoze 160 are gliding and waking gill style baits. They come in a variety of sink rates, silent or rattling versions, and weigh in from 3.5-3.7 ounces.


Deps has been on a tiny kick lately


While I respect the fish-drawing ability of both the Bullshooter and Bulldoze I've always felt these baits were on the large side for a bluegill/panfish imitator. Measuring 190 (7.48 inches) and 160 mm (6.29 inches) the original Bullshooter and Bulldoze are designed for moving a lot of water and drawing big bites. Due to their substantial volume they also act as a natural culling mechanism for fish that may not be willing to take on such large prey.


Introduced almost exactly on year ago the Tiny Bulldoze is the smallest version yet at 3.9 inches and weighs in at only 3/4oz., making it easy to throw with just about any heavy action, or big crankbait, casting rod.


The Tiny Bulldoze employs both hard and soft fins giving the lure a more realistic profile


When it comes to the details the Tiny Bulldoze brings all the familiar features that makes the larger versions so popular. Even though the bait is so small it still incorporates PVC fins that add more realism. There are also the assortment of hard fins, the same detailed finishes, and a built in 6mm stainless steel bearing that acts as a balancer, and rattle, during retrieves.


No big swimbait setup needed to throw this "swimbait"


Real World Tests: While the slow-sinking Tiny Bullshooter 100 and Tiny Bulldoze 100 are quite similar looking they vary significantly in how they can be fished. The Bullshooter is a little more straightforward when it comes to subsurface retrieves and after fishing both of the baits for a few days I found myself gravitating more towards the Tiny Bulldoze, which can be fished in a wider variety of ways. I fished these baits on a variety of reel and rod setups, using both straight braid and fluorocarbon setups, while targeting both largemouth and spotted bass in local Northern California lakes.


The bait has a slender profile and oversized lip

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