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Lure Review


The Defiant 247 and 210 Swimbaits – A One Two Knockout


Date: 1/5/20
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Defiant
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.08 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Introduction: Trophy bass hunters are among the most dedicated of anglers, and those that fish giant soft bodied swimbaits are perhaps the most devoted of all. At least when you are fishing a hard bodied swimbait you can see, and feel, the activity on the end of the line as the baits displace water, which is usually not the case with the much more subtle action that soft bodied swimbaits exhibit.


The Defiant 210 is a smaller version of the 247 swimbait


Fishing big soft bodied swimbaits successfully requires a heightened state of focus and patience, and even if you do get a strike keeping that fish pinned typically comes with a whole new set of challenges. To help redefine what is possible with this class of baits a new company, Defiant, entered the swimbait scene a few seasons ago and has followed up their initial full sized Defiant 247 swimbait with the smaller, and less intimidating, 210 series.


Defiant 247 (210) Swimbaits Specifications

Type Swimbait
Length 9.75" inches (210 = 8.25" inches)
Weight 6 ounces (210 = 4 ounces)
Material Plastic
Patterns 5
MSRP $100 (210 = $60)

Oliver Ngy introduced us to the Defiant Swimbait Series. Here he shows us the lure rigged with a treble hook on the bottom

Impressions: I was first introduced to the Defiant 247 by the man, the myth, the legend… Oliver Ngy, tournament angler, guide, and founder of Big Bass Dreams. Oliver is known for breaking the mold in terms of how to pursue not only bass, but species all over the world, and he does it with an infectious passion and joy. To say that the man loves big baits would be an understatement, and though he employs many of the Megabass swimbaits he also can be found launching the Defiant soft bodied swimbaits tied on his Destroyers.

The baits are available in a variety of patterns including light and dark trout patterns

It was two seasons ago, on Oliver’s boat (the Dream Machine), that I first started fishing the Defiant 247 swimbaits, and when I also first tied on early prototypes of the smaller 210 Series. In terms of profile the Defiant swimbaits both have flat bodied profiles that are molded with checkered scales, 3D gills, 3D eyes, 3D fins and finished with a rather substantial wedge tail design.

Oliver's favorite setup to fish these baits includes either Megabass Destroyer or Orochi XX rods paired with Shimano Calcutta reels

The paint finishes on the original 247 include Light Trout, Dark Trout, and Perch that are quite detailed. The smaller Defiant 210 is available in trout patterns as well as some additional layouts including Baitfish (a purple shad finish) and Pearl (a matte white pattern).    

Oliver shows us the difference in sizes between the 247 and 210

In terms of size the Defiant 247 is the very definition of a “big bait,” and measures 9.75” and weighs in at 6oz., which makes it even larger and heavier than the venerable Huddleston Deluxe 8 inch, which weighs from 4.0oz. to 5.1oz., depending on the rate of fall.

The baits feature a 3D finish including gills, eyes, and scales

The smaller 210 Series basically looks like a smaller version of the original 247, and makes use of the same wedge style tail paired with a more compact 8.25” long body that weighs in at 4 ounces. These smaller baits are also available in moderate sink and slow sink configurations. 

A look at the 210 packaging that protects each of these custom made baits

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