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Lure Review

Going lipless with Daiwa's TD Vibration (continued)

Now that you have your rig set up and are casting away it is time to bring your lure back in….hopefully with a nice fish in tow. While you don’t have to burn this bait you do have to keep it in motion, otherwise you will be pulling weeds or twigs out of the lake at record pace. This lure should graze and thump just about any structure, but never actually sit down and invite a snag. At a medium retrieve I felt like the TDV delivered a loud rattle, but less side to side motion than a Lucky Craft LV500. While the lure may not seem as lively it does navigate structure very well. The tighter wobble is more like a “vibration” rather than a side to side “shake.” The lure feels extremely stable and upon closer inspection we understood why. On the front of the lure is a small cupped area, this “stabilizer spot” displaces water side to side to help create a more brisk and constant motion.


The front hooks are larger than the back


There are two advantages to this extremely tight vibration, first… it is more like a real life fleeing baitfish, and second…the lure hangs up less when passing through tight cover. When retrieving the TDV get creative, vary your retrieve, move your rod tip around a bit. When fishing for stripers you can even accelerate the lure with jerks and pauses to incite even more attention in what looks like fleeing prey. The more creative you are, and the more you take time to understand the structure the more effective the TDV is going to be.


After extended use only minor scratches littered our lures surface, this image is an extreme macro


Durability: Bump, thump, strike…that’s the drill whether you are targeting fish in structure or right on top of it. Unless you only use the TDV for burning over grass beds the lure is going to take damage. Luckily the finishes on the TDV are outstanding, and they can really take quite a beating. The lures will scratch after time but we didn’t see any flaking at all, a common problem with some other Japanese foil laid lures. 


Largemouth will come right out of structure to hit the TDV


The lures will actually take more of a beating in your tackle box from contact with hookpoints than in the field. Daiwa actually sells hook protectors to protect both you and your lures. Overall the TDV was just as good if not better in terms of durability than any other Japanese lure out there.


One of the many bass that just couldn't resist the TDV's tight wobble and loud rattle


Price & Applications: Fished creatively this lure worked for me in both shallow and deep water, in and around structure, and over weed beds. Fished with a faster reel it is unquestionably easier to bring the lure to life, and still stay out of snag trouble. If you are retrieving over weed beds and are pulling up too much vegetation, simply crank down on that 6.3:1 or use a 7.1 burner type reel. When it comes to price the TDV is pretty much what you would expect in a premium lure, they are not cheap but they are priced in parity with Lucky Craft and Megabass offerings.


At the end of the test I was hooked. Here a tired 5lb bass waits on the surface as JIP goes in for the net

The smaller sizes cost $12.95, the mid sized baits cost $13.95, and the largest 3 ¼ inch lures cost $14.95. It is easy for me to spend a lot of money for jerkbaits because I rarely lose them, but lipless cranks are somewhat different. Because they are fished assertively around structure casualties to snags are not uncommon. With these lures I think it definitely makes sense to use Ultimate Luresavers, or carry a reliable lure retrieval system at a minimum.



Daiwa TD Vibration Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Excellent build quality and detailing. The lures are built as good as competitor premium offerings, and the finishes are downright spectacular. In this category this lure surpassed our expectations 10
Performance This lure runs well and delivers an ultra tight wobble. To some this is a positive and to other is can be viewed as a negative since the lure may not appear as flashy as some lipless cranks that move side to side more aggressively. This lure moves through structure well and performs just as Daiwa designed it to 9
Price In terms of import lures this is considered reasonably priced, but the competitors do have a head start and a strong brand out there...especially Lucky Craft. Are you willing to pay almost the same amount for a TD lure? We think Daiwa fans will 8
Features The finishes are striking and the lure's unique profile coupled with the "stabilizer spot" make this among the more feature rich lipless crank baits out there 9
Design Excellent detailing, the chrome finished lures look outstanding and are very durable as well. The rattles are loud and this lure comes in 30+ patterns to choose from 9.5
Application A very effective search bait that can be used at any depth. The tighter wobble helps it hang up less in tight vertical structure....but it still will snag so keep that lure retriever handy 9.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Awesome tight vibrating wobble L Premium lure=premium price
J Very well detailed lure, and plenty of patterns to pick from L Doesn't feel as lively as a LC LV500
J Durable finishes  
J Good at all depths, 3 sizes to choose from  
J Good multi-species bait  


Conclusion: Daiwa has a following among reel enthusiasts that rivals any other, and are viewed by some as some of the most refined products on the market. The addition of lures really comes as no surprise. The TD Vibration was one of the first of the series, and proven itself to be a worthy contender among the countless other lipless crankbaits out there. It offers anglers outstanding finishes, exceptional durability, and a unique ultra tight wobble. This vibrating bait can get in and out of structure, and entice both bass and stripers to commit, and when they do they do so aggressively. The eminence of this lure has certainly peaked our interest in the TD lineup, and I can promise you that this certainly will not be the last TD lure to be tested.  The TD Vibration is one of those lures that takes a little while to learn to fish, but once you have it dialed in, and add your own flavor into the retrieve, it’s hard to put this lure down.












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