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Lure Review

The Daiwa TD Mouthwasher: A popper and a crankbait in one?

Date: 10/12/05
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 9.08

Those who are familiar with Daiwa’s TD lures know that they never fall short in terms of premium components and construction. Unique designs, excellent finishes, and high performance are what make these lures what they are today. One of the most exciting new offerings they have recently introduced is the TD Mouthwasher, a topwater popper that displays incredible detail, has it’s own distinct shape, and can be retrieved multiple ways to entice surface strikes from aggressive fish.


Introducing the Daiwa TD Mouthwasher


Daiwa TD Mouthwasher Specifications

Type Popper
Class Floating
Colors/Patterns 8 available
Size 3 in
Weight 15/32 oz
Depth Surface
Hook size 4
Price $16.95


The TDM is packed in a stunning package

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of hardbaits on the market today, but there are only a few that really stand out from the crowd. The TD Mouthwasher does stand out, take a look at the new Daiwa TD Mouthwasher (TDM), a popper that has an incredibly nice finish, super fine details, excellent craftsmanship, and a unique design, all in one package that sets it apart from many other lures.


A prop is incorporated in the large mouth for additional water disturbance


Look even closer and you will notice the TD Mouthwasher has a very fine texturized patterns on the gill plate, actual indented pinstripe running across the body, and realistic eye socket and eyes. The finish on the TD Mouthwasher is gorgeous and the painted on patterns are very realistic. Daiwa also spiced up the lure by adding a prop inside the mouth, water-thru gills, and a feather-dressed rear hook. It doesn’t end there with the TD Mouthwasher. It also has a large open mouth with a larger lower jaw design and a curved tail-end that not only adds to its overall appearance but also its performance.


Complete Rig for TD Mouthwasher

Rod AiRRUS Ultra XL (UXLC701MH)
Reel Shimano Curado 200DHSV
Quantum Tour Edition PT Burner
Abu Garcia Revo STX-HS
Line 12 lb. Sufix Elite


A view from the top. Also notice the feathered hook

Field Tests:
Ah… Fall is here again and the bass are aggressively feeding right before the cold season. At this time of the year topwater fishing can be excellent depending on where you’re located. As a topwater fanatic I couldn’t wait to take the TDM out for some explosive bass attacks.


Extremely fine details are seem on the TD Mouthwasher popper


Casting: Placed at the end of the line off of the tip of an Airrus Ultra XL and Curado 200DHSV the TD Mouthwasher rocketed through the air. In open water we tossed this 15/32 ounce popper plenty far, reaching past a solo weed patch that was approximately 100ft away from the boat. In close quarters we discovered that the TDM can cast controllably and can even be pitched into tight spots, and at no time did the dressed rear treble get in the way.


This is how a fish would see the TDM from the side or underneath. Because of the design and the curled tail end, fish are able to see more of the lure's patterns


Retrieving: The Daiwa TD Mouthwasher is a winner in this category. I’ve never retrieved a popper like this before, and the more I used this lure, the more ways I found could work it. When you work the TDM like a simple popper, the action is different than what you might expect. It doesn’t cup and spit a mouthful of water up into the air like some other poppers do. Instead it spits some water forward and at the same time it dives just sub-surface and creates a load of bubbles and other commotion through the prop, water-thru gills, and different sized BBs.


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