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Optics Review


A Worthy Tribute : Costaís Versatile Ferg Series (continued)

When it comes to lens colors this will come down to both application and personal preference. My all-time favorite Costa 580G lenses are the Gray Silver Mirror frames which have 10% light transmission and are good for everyday use on both water and land. These are the lenses that I use on an older pair of Costa Spearo frames which I typically wear every day.

In comparison the Spearo frames I often wear are a little more stylish but do not offer the same level of light isolation or wind protection

Both the blue and green 580G lenses look great with the Ferg and the mirrored protective coating makes them comfortable to wear both on and off the water. The blue mirrored lenses will be the best option for bright conditions like open and offshore fishing when the lighting can be especially harsh. The green mirror frames feature a copper base and are good for enhancing vision and contrast for fishing inshore and on the flats.

The 580G lenses do an excellent job filtering reflective glare

I found that the 580G green mirror lenses are also applicable for the wide range of lighting conditions that bass anglers encounter, but the grey silver and copper silver lenses are still the most versatile, in my opinion. The green lenses do an admirable job in handling variable light and are very good mid-day when overhead light can produce extremely tough glare conditions. I found I was still able to see through the water and make out shadows and flashes of both baitfish and the occasional chaser.

Integrated sweat channels

Price & Applications: The Costa Ferg retails for $294 with 580G lenses and $234 with 580P lenses. As mentioned earlier the glass lenses are my preferred option for fishing but the polycarbonate lenses are more affordable and offer excellent 100% polarization and impact resistance.

The Ferg is excellent in both warm and cold conditions and is very good at keeping your eyes from drying out on windy days

What I like most about the Ferg is that they kind of blend the lines between sport performance and lifestyle frames. While they donít look as casual as beach lifestyle frames, they also do not appear too bulky like some sport frames often look. Though the frames have a relatively sleek look the shields on top and sides do a surprisingly good job keeping out light and most wind.

Like so many other Costa sunglasses the Ferg is made in Italy

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are both something that Costa takes seriously and most of the companyís frames, including the Ferg, are constructed from bio-based resin that comes from renewable castor plant seed oil. While still considered a plastic frame the bio-resin material and processes are designed to help reduce the carbon footprint when compared with traditional plastics. For those looking for even more environmentally friendly frames Costa also offers their ďUntangled CollectionĒ which is made from recycled fishing nets. An example of these frames is the Costa Antille which I reviewed at the beginning of this year.

While I still prefer the styling of some of Costa's other frames the Ferg delivers a lot of performance oriented features that stand up well to the elements

Costa is also one of the companies in the fishing industry that not only offers great products but is helping protect the water that is vital to our sport. One recent example includes them stepping up to help rebuild and restore the areas that were so drastically impacted by Hurricane Ian this past September. Ian caused devastating damage to Fort Myers, Naples and surrounding areas in Southwest Florida. After witnessing the devastation to an area that the company calls home Costa stepped in to help raise funds and contribute to the recovery efforts. The company even donated 100% of proceeds from their #OneCoast apparel line directly to the relief efforts.

Costa and Captains for Clean Water recently hired local fishing guides in SW Florida for trash clean-up trips around Sanibel Island, in the days leading up to CFCW's Restore Gala (Image provide by Costa)

Then on Nov 8th Costa followed this up with a $50,000 dollar donation to its longtime conservation partner Captains for Clean Water. The full donation went directly towards the orginization's Emergency Disaster Relief Fund to help those impacted by Ian to get back on their feet. It always helps when you know the brand that you are supporting is doing their part to help the environment and victims of natural disasters.


Costa Ferg w/ Green Mirror 580G Lens Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A high quality frame that feels solid and well built. The Ferg feels higher end than the Untangled frames and the Bio Resin resists impact and scratches very well. The hydrolite rubber elements held up well to moisture, sunblock, and whatever I threw at it 8.5
Performance A very high performance frame that puts a priority on polarization, comfort, light isolation, and wind protection. This frame is very well suited for open water fishing due to these features. The green mirror lenses are also ideal for sight fishing in full sunlight 8.5
Price Retailing for $294 dollars the Ferg is reasonably priced for such a high-end frame. It comes with a Costa case and cleaning cloth which are both useful. I was also able to find this frame for cheaper prices from some retailers which is good news for anglers 8
Features I feel that the Ferg puts a priority on performance over style but this isn't to say that the frames are not stylish. They blur the lines well and the thinner temple arms shouldn't full you, the shields on the side and top of the frame do a great job isolating light and the adjustable nose pads ensure an excellent fit 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Overall very comfortable the Ferg really stayed in place well and is very good for sports that require frames stay firmly planted. The rubber nosegrips and textured temple arm ends are comfortable and functional 8
Application The Ferg looks good enough for a day at the beach but it really excels when working in bright conditions. These sunglasses are ideal for anglers in open water and the multiple lens options make it very compelling for anglers that are looking for a performance-oriented frame that shields out the elements and keeps the focus on the water and fish below 8.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Sport oriented frames that are not bulky and still have a beach vibe. There are also many frame colors to pick from - Not made of recycled materials but Costa does offer this in some of their other lines
+ The 580G lenses that we love in a variety of colors. The green mirrors were more versatile than I expected - Will not float. Do not drop these over the boat edge, they sink quickly
+ Light and comfortable. Excellent fit due to ability to adjust nosepads  
+ Does an excellent job shielding out light and wind  
+ Reasonable price for another quality Costa product  


Conclusion: The Ferg is a great frame for inshore and offshore anglers, but also has a lineup of features that also enable it to perform well for bass anglers. When it comes adaptability, these frames can take on a wide variety of activities and look stylish enough for days when a rod isnít in hand. 


Though optimized for inshore and offshore fishing the Ferg offers features and performance that also suits bass anglers

There really isnít much I didnít like about the Ferg frames. They fit well, provided excellent visibility to sight fish, and helped protect my eyes from the sun and wind. The only reason that I donít wear them all the time is because I find myself favoring the styling of some of Costaís more beach-oriented frames, but when it comes time to fish in a storm, or head offshore, I put a priority on performance and reach for the Ferg.  

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