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Lure Review


Bull Shad Swimbaits Enters the Rat Race


Date: 3/28/18
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Bull Shad Swimbaits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.25 - GREAT

Like an infestation that circles around every three or four years, rat style baits seem to come back into vogue with good frequency. Bull Shad Swimbaits has made their mark with kind of nondescript, really plain, almost beat up looking baits that mimic shad, sunfish, herring and the like. Late last year, they jumped into the rat race too. We spent some time with the Bull Rat and the following is our review!


Bull Shad Swimbaits Bull Rat Specifications

Type shallow, medium, deep diver
Length 4.75"
Weight 2.2oz
Depth 0-2 feet
Material Resin
Colors 3
Hooks 2x Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hooks
MSRP $51.99


Bull Shad Swimbaits enters the rat race with their Bull Rat.


Typical of what we've come to expect from Bull Shad Swimbaits, the Bull Rat is rather nondescript. It measures just under five inches in length, consists of three pieces and a long, soft plastic tail that almost looks like a six inch Senko. Overall weight of the Bull Rat is just over two ounces. It comes with Mustad KVD Triple Grip Treble hooks.

The Bull Rat is available in three, very simple, stock colors.

Real World Tests: My combo of choice for the Bull Rat was Megabass of America's 2017 Destroyer Onager paired with Daiwa's Shrapnel (a reel made for topwater frogging for Snakehead!). If you're an enthusiast tackle buff seeking one of those ultimate big bait combos, you'd be hard pressed to top this combo.

It is a resin bait put together with traditional joints.

Castability: I fill my Shrapnel with twenty five to thirty pound Sunline Super Natural monofilament - my line of choice for big baits. I generally prefer nylon monofilament for these applications because the material is more forgiving and has better buoyancy than fluorocarbon and is less visible and has more stretch than braid. Of course, it's also more cost effective to fill a large reel like the Shrapnel with nylon mono than any of the other choices.

My knot of choice when attaching a bait like the Bull Shad is a Palomar knot.

My knot of choice when attaching a bait like the Bull Rat is a Palomar knot. This knot is very easy to tie and has very good strength when used with nylon monofilament. Once secure, the Bull Rat launches as one might expect a large, multi-piece bait to launch. If your backswing and follow through are smooth, the bait sails pretty straight and true. If you try to whip the bait through the air, it will still fly, but tumble as it soars. So as with most any big bait, the key is in your casting motion and making a smooth, sweeping arch with your cast.

The Bull Shad is a true wake bait swimming just on the surface of the water.

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