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Lure Review

More Flash and Splash with the appropriately named Booyah “Bi-You Buzz” (continued)

Retrieving cont'd: I thought that the Bi-You Buzz might hang up more than other single bladed buzzbaits when retrieved over submerged standing vegetation, including tules. I was surprised to discover this was not the case, while the single bladed buzzbaits did get in between vegetation a bit better the Bi-You Buzz was able to navigate the foliage just fine.


The lure features an oversized triangle head

Because the lure is larger in width than other buzzbaits it does come into contact with more surface obstructions, but the lure’s has a triangle forked wire design both the wire and the blades deflect right off the structure.


The blades are branded Booyah as well


On the last of three test days on the Delta Cal and I found a few nice tule coves along the levees and pulled a few bass out by positioning the boat near the mouth of each cove and fanning the area with both the Bi-You Buzz and topwater poppers.


When fishing on the Delta we were greeted by goats, and they witnessed a massive explosion that occurred no more than 60 feet from shore


As I started retrieving the Bi-You Buzz back from one of the coves we witnessed a massive blow up, and the buzzbait went straight down. We didn’t get a good look at the fish but judging from the aggressive dive of the fish we knew it was immense. Cal jumped over to the front of the boat with net in hand. “Take it slow,” Cal said as the fish took off stripping line and causing my glass Kistler cranking rod to arc way over. “That’s no bass,” I said as we dialed up the trolling motor to put chase on the fish.


Testing the Cortez Shad on the stained water on the Delta


It took nearly five minutes to bring the fish to surface, and nearby trolling boats turned back to witness the finale of the fight. When we finally get a glimpse of the fish a white flash revealed a monster striper had taken the buzzbait right off the surface. Cal actually tried two times before finally getting the striper into the net.


A look at the cove I was testing in, notice the vegetation, the Bi-You Buzz didn't hang up at all 


Next Section: Did the Bi-You Buzz survive the striper hit?










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