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Tool Review

Making the Cut, the Boomerang Snip


Date: 2/7/12
Tackle type: Tool
Manufacturer: Boomerang
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.17 - GREAT

Introduction: When most of us started fishing we utilized nail clippers for cutting lines or trimming leaders, and while this basic “tool” got the job done for slicing through monofilament the age of superlines quickly proved too much for basic clippers. It was hard to get a clean cut through braided lines with basic nail clippers and anglers often ended up pinching down hard just trying to saw through these lines, resulting in frayed hard to tie line-ends.


Boomerang Tool Snip (Basic)

Material Plastic Housing, 420 Stainless steel cutting jaws
Length 3.25" x 1.25"
Weight 12 - 25lb
MSRP $11.99 ($14.99 for LED Snip)


Meet the uniquely styles Boomerang Snip...


Impressions: The need for a better cutting tool resulted in a surge of scissors introduced specifically for the purpose of cutting braid. These scissors while very good for slicing through braid were not as convenient as standard nail clippers and because they are typically quite sharp they also needed to be handled with care. A number of companies went back to the original clipper design and found ways to sharpen and harden the cutting surfaces to address superlines, others developed new multi-tools or introduced premium pliers that incorporated replaceable cutting blades. Like so many other “tackle” categories the tool segment has become crowded and today there are many choices for anglers.


...and the more cost effective Snip Basic version


Boomerang Tool Company entered this segment a few seasons ago and kicked things off with their uniquely styled pliers. Besides being a very functional pair of pliers one of the main selling features was the integration of a built in retractor that keeps the pliers secure and available whenever they are needed. Since that original introduction the company has advanced their flagship pliers and introduced a range of new offerings including knives, golf tools and the new line “Snip.”


The Original Snip has a built in LED light to help cut lines dusk till dawn


Impressions: The Snip doesn’t look anything nail clipper and instead of jaws that come down this tool features a small scissor style blades that protrude out of the plastic housing. The tool features an ergonomic design with levers that manage the blades on either side of the tool. This is one of the larger cutters on the market, mainly because the housing also includes the built in retractor which comes with a ring which makes it easy to secure the Snip to a bag or garment.


A look inside the Snip shows the uncoiled spring that provides the pressure for the retractor


There are two versions of the Snip, a standard version which includes the basic cutter and retractor and a lighted version which incorporates a built in LED light positioned directly behind the cutters which help anglers cut line in low light conditions. The Snip’s dimensions are 3.25 x 1.25 x 0.75" (8 x 3 x 1.5cm) and though not the smallest in form factor it feels lightweight in hand weighing only 1.25oz.


A simple switch forms the circuit for the LED


Real World Tests: We purchased the Snip directly from Coyote Bait & Tackle, a Northern California Retailer and E-Tailers, who had the tools in stock prior to ICAST 2011. At the show the tool was officially launched and the only differences between the version we purchased and the newly launched version was a logo change and the introduction of a new color. At the show we were given another Snip for comparison and have been using the tools as our primary cutting tool since. We have used the tool to cut everything from monofilament line to braided superlines in both fresh and saltwater applications and our tests have taken us from local reservoirs in the Bay Area to the Amazon. 


The red switch activates the LED light


Operation: Let’s start with the obvious, the Snip does one thing better than most cutting tools right out of the package… it is not as easy to lose or misplace. With the ability to attach the Snip directly to a garment this lightweight tool is there when you need it. By pulling on the Snip the retriever will extend up to three feet, which is plenty for most applications.


The LED can even be seen in the sunlight


But in order to be considered a truly good cutting tool the Snip must do an excellent job cutting through all the main line types including mono, fluorocarbon and braid. The first two are no brainers and the 420 stainless steel cutters cut through these cleanly and easily. When it comes to braid the Snip does surprisingly well and was able to slice cleanly through various brands of 65lb line with ease. While the cutters are sharp the reason that they are so effective is due to the actual design of the tool itself. The cutting jaws of the Snip are serrated and held closely together, like a pair of high-end scissors, isolating the line in between the cutting edges. Anglers are then able to put a lot of pressure on the blades with a simple squeeze of the handles on both sides.


The retracting lanyard extends 3 feet

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