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Event Coverage

Back at the Big Rock 2014 Show Seeking Innovations


Date: 1/15/14
Tackle: Various
Event: Big Rock Sports Dealer Show - Las Vegas
Reviewer: Zander




Introduction: There are a lot of reasons why Vegas is a popular location for industry events like ICAST and the Big Rock Show, and the non stop entertainment options after the official event hours are high up on the list of reasons why. My first stop after the end of the show? Food. In keeping with the theme I went to a restaurant in the Aria Resort and Casino called "American Fish." This is a Michael Mina restaurant and a rustic fishing lodge is the inspiration for the establishment's attractive decor.    


These are my kind of coasters


I immediately grew fond of the place after seeing the coaster under my drink. You gotta love a place where the coasters say "Gone Fishing" on top and the underside is a fishing license. To many visitors Vegas is a license to have fun and that's exactly what we did that night.  


Ardent's newest low profile baitcast reel series, the Apex


I won't admit I was nursing a hangover the next morning but suffice to say it was a little late to the show. Once I finally got there a little coffee and some good meetings with manufacturers highlighting their newest and most innovative offerings finally woke me up.

John Posey shows us the new Apex reels


Ardent: The company was showcasing their new lineup of Apex reels. These baitcasters are now becoming available at resellers, like Tackle Warehouse, and features a low profile aluminum frame and machined aluminum spools. There are three models, the Apex Elite, Apex Pro and Apex Tournament. The main differences are the bearing count, swept handle materials and knob design. The highest-end Elite model features a carbon fiber swept handle and EVA grips helping bring its weight down to a very respectable 5.9oz. versus the other models which weigh .4oz. more. All three reels feature an externally adjustable cast control system the company calls "Mag Brake" which offers a very wide range of settings. Unlike the company's other reels the Apex series is made overseas but comes with a very aggressive retail price of $99 to $149 dollars each.  


Looking for some extra protection?


Luna Sea Sports: Walking by the aisle we came across a company that was offering a solution to a common problem, rod butts being uncomfortable. The "Cush-It" is a slip on grip that is designed for everything from big game rods to bass sticks and stays firmly on whther it is tucked under your arm or when pressed up against your side or hip. The Cush-It bass version retails for $13.95 each while the big game model is $26.95 each.   


The Cush-It provides a more comfortable butt when fighting fish


The same material is also formed into a cylinder and can be slipped on nets and gaffs, this variation is called the "Ultra Float" and not only provides a comfortable grip on your fish landing tools but adds flotation so that if your equipment is accidently dropped overboard it will float. The best place to find out more about this product is from the manufacturer's website.

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