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Event Article

New Premium Lines at the Big Rock Show


Date: 1/12/10
Location: Big Rock Show, Las Vegas
Event Date: Jan 4-7, 2010
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: The Big Rock Show offered dealers a few new lines ranging from premium 100% fluorocarbon to updated braids. Two of most interesting came from the well known Seaguar and PowerPro brands.


Dale Hightower shows us the ultra premium new Seaguar Tatsu


Seaguar Tatsu: Tatsu has been available in Japan for quite some time and has now been adapted for the U.S. market. "Tatsu" - Japanese for Dragon is named this because of the properties of the mythical beast which includes a fierce presence, stealth and virtual indestructibility. A line with a name as formidable as this sure has a lot to live up to, but Tatsu may be up to the challenge...


Seaguar uses two custom 100% fluorocarbon resins extruded into one solid line


Seaguar constructs Tatsu with a "double structure" of two custom 100% fluorocarbon resins extruded in one solid piece. The result is a fluro line with a tough but soft exterior. The hard exterior resin improves both tensile and knot strength while the line remains soft and pliable.


Tatsu will be Seaguar's highest end fluorocarbon line


Tatsu is Seaguar's strongest and softest line yet and is designed to be easy to manage while still able to deliver superior sensitivity and abrasion resistance. Tatsu will be available in 200yd. spools and each will retail for approximately 40 dollars and start arriving at US e-tailers and retailers this week.


At the show we saw the slightly yellowish Japanese version, the U.S. version will be more transparent


PowerPro: If you have bought a spool of PowerPro lately you will have seen the company's "ez spool" packaging which allows you to spool reels directly from the box, and there is even a built in cutter to cut the line when done. This season PowerPro offers anglers a new marine blue colored line in the ez spool package. This line was originally developed for saltwater anglers but can also be used for inshore and freshwater applications. The line is relatively hi-vis and good when paired with a fluorocarbon leader.


Marine Blue joins the PowerPro lineup


A number of colors including Marine Blue will be available in the new PowerPro "Hollow-Ace" series which is similar to the Toray hollow braid we have tested in the past. PowerPro Hollow Ace makes use of a 16 spectra fiber construction for fingertrap splices. The braid features an enhanced body technology process to create superior abrasion resistance and a better strength to diameter ratio.


Marine Blue Hollow Ace line is sold in huge spools for saltwater applications


Hollow Ace will be available in 6 sizes including 40, 60. 80, 100, 130 and 120lb, and all will be available in three colors, white, hi-vis yellow, and Marine blue.


Want to learn how to splice the Hollow Ace? PowerPro makes it easier with a kit that comes complete with needles and an instructional video


Let's face it, the biggest barrier to adoption of this technique is that it takes a long time for anglers unfamiliar with the technique to set up the connection. For this reason Power Pro is trying to make it easier with a complete Splice Kit which includes a demo video that walks anglers through the step by step process, a daho needle set (8 needles), a 25 yard spool of powerfloss, zap-a-gap adhesive, a bobbin tool, and an instructional booklet. The entire kit costs 99.99 which is quite reasonable considering the needles usually retail for 89 dollars alone.


Marc Mills shows us all the new braided lines at PowerPro


The advantage of the Hollow Ace system include a knotless connection that is strong enough to battle world class fish while remaining completely seamless when casting or retrieving. The integrated leader eliminates the need to hand line fish into gaff range, which can be unpredictable and dangerous. In the past, wind-ons were bulky and stiff, causing hang ups in the guides and outrigger clips. So will the mainstream angling community finally embrace the hollow braid/hollow ace system? With this all-in-one kit it has never been easier to try that's for sure.










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