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Lure Review

What happens when a Swimbait and a prop bait get together, meet the Basstar Proprunner (continued)

Casting: While it is possible to fish the Basstar Proprunner on a flipping stick the lure is best fished with a 7 foot or longer swimbait rod. With a swimbait rod it is easy to catapult this 4oz. bait a serious distance with either mono or braid. The Proprunner generates a decent sized splashdown when it hits the water and rests on the surface waiting for anglers to impart some action.

An adjustable prop makes it possible to alter the action of the bait

Retrieving: While we actually had a few stripers snap at the lure when it was totally at rest right after landing almost of our strikes from fish came a split second after the Proprunner was jerked forward or during a constant walk the dog action. There are a few ways to fish the Proprunner, obviously a straight retrieve is the easiest and you can get the bait to churn a nice wake with the prop on a standard retrieve or drop it right below the water on a brisk retrieve. We didn’t catch any fish with this standard retrieve but did get a few fish to follow.

During my tests I fished the Proprunner with both mono and braided lines

The second way to fish the Proprunner is to fish it like a popper, simply pull forward and accelerate your rod tip and the bait will surge forward. Instead of spitting water in the front of the bait the prop in the back will spin quickly churning water loudly. In our tests we found that we could alter both the noise and rotation of the propeller by bending the blades not back and forth but the angle of them in relation to the back of the bait. You can vary the speed of the jerks, and it is also possible to rip the Proprunner like an oversized jerkbait.

The bait is equipped with a rotating hook system that helps prevent the lure from being thrown by fish

The tuning allows you to adjust for a more subtle churn or a straight up rotational spray. With this retrieve we caught a lot of stripers when they were looking for baitfish near the surface. Splash hits were explosive and while we didn’t catch any huge stripers we know that if you fish this lure long enough you surely will.

A topwater strike near the tules

The third way to fish the Proprunner is to learn to walk the dog with this oversized bait. The Proprunner can be walked in a pretty tight side to side pattern, nothing like the big darting swings on the Punker. It does take a little while to get the hang of it but if you can get it down the bait becomes much more effective to target bass alongside both structure and over open water.

The Proprunner puts out a serious wake thanks to the prop

It is also possible to adjust the prop backwards to reduce resistance in the water and make it easier to walk the dog while still churning some water on the surface. During the test I found that the bait was most effective when the water was relatively calm on the surface and I fished the Proprunner on” glass” water conditions near rock pilings and bridge supports and caught a number of bass that were holding tight to structure.

A schoolie striper tries to take out the Proprunner

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