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Lure Review

What happens when a Swimbait and a prop bait get together, meet the Basstar Proprunner

Date: 4/19/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Basstar
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 7.91 - GOOD


Introduction: Basstar is a new company on the big bait scene and their first lure, the Proprunner, is a product of Joe Uribe Sr. who uses his experience and expertise in big bait design to create a new lure for topwater fans. The Basstar Proprunner gives new meaning to full-size prop baits and is designed to elicit big strikes from equally big fish.

Basstar Proprunner Specifications

Type BigBait
Depth Wakebait + Propbait
Class Floater (F)
Size 5"
Colors/Patterns Rainbow Trout, Chartreuse Shad, and Bone White
MSRP $34.99

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Impressions: When I first saw pictures of the Basstar Proprunner I thought it was just slightly larger than a traditional cigar shaped propbait, maybe twice the size of your average popper, but when I finally got my hands on one I was shocked how big the lure was.

Basstar is a brand new company on the big bait scene

The Basstar Proprunner can definitely classified as a “Big Bait,” and is actually even bigger than some traditional swimbaits. The Basstar Proprunner has a polished look and feel but appears more mass produced than it does custom made, the upside is that the detail and consistency between baits is unsullied.

We thought the Proprunner was going to be a slightly larger prop-bait but it is a legitimate "big-bait" class lure

Each and every bait we inspected featured an identical build quality and finish. The Proprunner comes in two varieties, the trout and white pattern come with a large prop in front of the rear hook while the limited edition chartreuse shad replaces the propeller with a matching silicon skirt.

The Proprunner in retail packaging

Each bait comes armed with VMC hooks which are mounted on an internal swivel that allows the hook to rotate freely. Basstar calls this their “360 degree rotating hook system” and the design allows the hook to turn when in the fish’s mouth so that it is more difficult to use the bait’s body weight to shake the lure loose during the battle.

The Proprunner is armed with three VMC hooks

Real World Test: To test the Basstar Proprunner we head to our two favorite bassing grounds, the California Delta and Clear Lake for a three month test. We fished the lure on a variety of rods ranging from heavy crankbait rods to full fledged swimbait rods. We fished the lure with both mono and braided lines in conditions where there was absolutely no wind all the way to situations where there was heavy chop on the water.

The bait is best fished with a swimbait rod

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