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Swimbait Review


Glide Ready? Baitsanityís Explorer Gill Might Just Be Their Best Lure Yet


Date: 1/6/22
Tackle type: Swimbait
Manufacturer: Baitsanity
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.58 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Introduction: Baitsanity has had both trout and shad profiles covered with their Explorer and Antidote glide baits but really needed a gill to round out their swimbait offering. This season Baitsanity raises their glide game with the new Explorer Gill, a compact and customizable bluegill that leverages much of what makes the brandís lures so popular among swimbait fans.


Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait Specifications

Type Swimbait (Glide Bait)
Length 6.1 inches
Weight 2.4 ounces
Material Resin plastic body, soft plastic tail, tungsten adhesive
Sections 2
Sink Rate Sinking (Floating also Available)
Patterns 4 (Bluegill, Alpha, Jungle Perch, Raw)
MSRP $62.99


Baitsanity's newest swimbait is the Explorer Gill

Impressions: In the span of just a few years that Baitsanity has been in existence the company has already established a track record of producing baits that are both high quality and reasonably priced. Though their baits fall into the mass production class of swimbaits they exhibit details and refinement found in baits that often retail for much more, including premium finishes, quality hardware, and even hand-painted tails.


There are four different patterns to select from

Both their flagship Explorer (Gen 1 and 2) and more cost-effective Antidote glidebaits received Best Value Awards and over the last season the Baitsanity team has been upping the refinement on all their builds and increasing the number of available patterns, as well as adding more customization options with their interchangeable HatchMatch tail system.

Up until now Baitsanity has focused on trout and shad profiles and recently started introducing limited edition patterns like the 30 Lures Koi

It wasnít long ago that Baitsanity only had two Explorer patterns and now the company is kicking out limited edition exclusives. Baitsanity has partnered with several retailers to create signature versions of the Explorer, including the Tackle Warehouse exclusive Steelhead pattern and 30 Lures in Japan with the limited-edition Koi pattern. On the more value-oriented Antidote Series the brand now offers more than eight patterns including some unique ones including Craw, Bread, and Sardine. Baitsanity will also soon be launching Catfish and Goldfish which are both fun additions to the arsenal.

The new Explorer Gill is available in both sinking and floating versions

With all these introductions we knew it was just a matter of time before Baitsanity would bring a bluegill profiled bait to market. One look at the Explorer Glide Gill and anglers will immediately recognize it as a Baitsanity lure as it sports several familiar elements including the signature frown and swappable HatchMatch tail. At first glance the bait may look like a gill version of the Antidote due to the textured body but there is a lot more to this bait that make it a more premium offering. All of which we explore in this review.

These baits are immediately recognizable as Baitsanity lures with the signature mouth design

One look at the Gill Glideís packaging and anglers will notice that this lure is from the brandís higher end series. Baitsanity goes above and beyond when it comes to packaging and has clearly put a lot of work into the entire unboxing experience.

Whereas most swimbaits are packaged in a plastic blister, or generic cardboard box, the unboxing of a Gill Glide is more like the experience of cracking open the retail-box of an expensive brand-new phone.

Some of the best swimbait packaging in the game

Each Baitsanity Gill comes with a total of three tails, and to make sure anglers know what they are getting the extra tails are even visible in die-cut windows on the back of the box. The Gill is held securely in place in a high density EVA foam cavity and the hooks are covered in easy to remove plastic sleeves to ensure each bait is totally scratch free.

The BaitConnect System allows for quick and easy tail swaps

To top it all off each box comes with a pair of tungsten adhesive weights that can be affixed to the bait in various areas to tune the lure, and alter the sink rate for those anglers that want to fish the bait deeper, or in a particular strike zone at different speeds.  

At time of launch the HatchMatch Paddle Tail 3.0 is already available for all four patterns and retailing for $11.99 each

Next: Time to see if this Gill is ready for primetime....









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