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Lure Review


The Cure for Big Bait - Big Price Fatigue: The Baitsanity Antidote Glide


Date: 12/11/19
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Baitsanity
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.20 - BEST VALUE AWARD

Baitsanity appeared on the swimbait scene just a few years ago with their Explorer Series swimbaits, starting with their Trout and Carp Explorers. These custom baits quickly found a home in the hands of big bait anglers looking for a full sized glide bait option that wasn’t as expensive as JDM imports like the Deps Slide Swimmer or Roman Made Negotiator. Their first bait was a hit and over the seasons the company has continued to refine the Explorer, improving on the original’s soft tail design, and introducing a number of new patterns that make it even more of a viable option for targeting species beyond largemouth bass. While the Explorer continues to be the Baitsanity flagship product the company knew that in order to expand they needed to provide a more aggressively priced swimbait offering, a glide bait for mainstream anglers. That swimbait is the Baitsanity Antidote.


Baitsanity Antidote Glide Bait Specifications

Type Swimbait (Glide Bait)
Length 7.5 inches
Weight 2.7 ounces
Material Molded composite plastic body, PVC plastic tail
Sections 2
Sink Rate Slow, Super Slow Sink
Patterns 5 (Trout, Bread, Perch, Shad, Craw)
MSRP $24.99

Baitsanity's second bait offering is the affordable Antidote Series


Impressions: In the 20 years that I’ve been writing about fishing tackle there is always one class of bait that gets the most reads, the most “impressions” one the site, and that is swimbaits. Perhaps it is the artistry behind these baits, the investment required by the truly afflicted to want to buy and cast these big baits, or maybe it is just the possibilities that each and every cast with one of these baits represent.


The Antidote is available in a number of interesting patterns including Craw pattern, something quite rare in the glide market

Whatever it is I always thought that “Baitsanity” nailed the naming of their company and brand, throwing big swimbaits all day for the chance of a strike, and converting that into landing a giant is what many would consider insanity. Yet those that put in the time are sometimes rewarded, and thus the mythos surrounding these big baits is only further fueled.

A look at the tube retail packaging

On the other end of the spectrum are anglers that want to go out and just have a great time catching fish, and for many casting one bait all day for the chance of a quality bite just doesn’t seem like very good odds. Not only are smaller, lighter, swimbaits less intimidating to throw there are times when a smaller profile better matches the hatch and is more likely to get bit.

To address this much larger mainstream market Baitsanity took elements from their successful Explorer series and designed a smaller, easier to mass produce, and more cost effective Antidote glide bait.

The Antidote features a 3D finish including textured scales, protruding gill plates and 3D eyes

The Antidote is not only smaller in length than the Explorer it features a thinner profile, and one that reminds me more of a stocker-trout. The baits feature a single joint and the company’s matching soft tail design and comes armed with two bundled treble hooks. The other major difference between the two series of baits is that the Antidote molds give the lure a textured scale finish, versus the flat painted surface of the Explorers. The Antidote comes in two versions, a slow sinking and super slow sinking version, both of which are available in a range of patterns including trout, bread, white, and craw.  

A look at the Antidote next to the larger and heavier Explorer Series

Real World Tests: I’ve fished the Baitsanity Antidote swimbaits for a full season, targeting largemouth in Northern California lakes and the California Delta. I fished the baits side by side with the company’s Explorers, as well as my all-time favorite glide bait, the Deps Slide Swimmer, for comparison. To get a feel how the bait fishes across different setups I tried fishing it with application specific swimbait rods, as well as conventional casting and frog rods, using a variety of reels and line types.

Weighing in at 2.7oz. the Antidote can be fished with much lighter casting rods

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