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Lure Preview

AC Plugs Prepares to introduce Bluegill Swimbaits


Date: 5/03/08
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: AC Plugs
Reviewer: Zander


Introduction: AC Plugs has long been known as a pioneer in the big bait industry and has been accelerating their product development and introduction of new hard and soft swimbaits. We meet with them to take a look at their new Bluegill swimbait.


Zander talks to Mark of AC Plugs about the upcoming Bluegill


AC Plugs have been used to target a variety of fish including trophy stripers, largemouth bass, and now trophy trout as well. It was in the late 1980’s that Allan Cole was fishing for striped bass at Pyramid lake and made a historical discovery that has changed the face of trophy fishing forever. He noticed that Striped Bass were keying in on stocked rainbow trout and gorging themselves on these pen raised food items. He set out to design a fishing lure that would not only match the coloring of the hatchery trout, but would also duplicate the swimming motion of the fish. The result was the birth of the AC Plug.


Allan Cole's son Eric Cole catches a nice bass with the massive 10" Casitas

The AC Plug Original has been sold under different brands in the past but is now back in the hands of AC Plugs. The company is now producing their own lures, and since bringing everything back under their own brand has been on the fast track when it comes to introducing new baits.

The new bluegill from AC plugs (note the tail was removed by the manufacturer, and will debut the complete product at ICAST)

One such release was their Casitas soft swimbait which features a life like body combined with quality hardware which includes extra rigging that many swimbait aficionados would add aftermarket. These include owner Hyperwire split rings, Owner hooks, and SevenStrand wire and crimps.

Mark shows us the two newest baits, the Mag Shad and the Bluegill

There are currently three sizes of the Casitas ranging from the 6” and 8” to the massive 10” version. The bait is available in three patterns that include Dark Rainbow, Light Rainbow, and Stocker Purple.

The Bluegill will be available in three patterns, Tilapia, Bluegill, and Crappie

AC Plugs now expands their swimbait range with a new Bluegill which will start at 6 ˝ inches in length, and there will be a total of three sizes. Mark at AC plugs explained to us that the company has been working on a new tail, and was not ready to debut the tail yet, so the samples we saw had the tail removed.

The jointed Mag Shad is designed for both bass and trout anglers

There will be three rates of falls as well as three colors, which will include Tilapia, Bluegill, and Crappie. The sample we saw had a very realistic profile, complete with extending fins. The bluegills will retail for 25, 27, and 29 dollars depending on size.

Pro Staffer Gabe Sanchez uses AC Minnows on the Delta

In addition to the Bluegill AC Plugs has also recently introduced a new bait called the “Mag Shad.” This lure has a unique swimming action that is both very tight and still yields a great deal of vibration.

A closer look at the Mag Shad

An extra thick clear coat protects the Mag Shad from big predators as it is designed to be a baitfish imitator. Bass and Striper anglers will find the bait good for ripping while trout anglers can use it for trolling. The Mag Shad is available now in three colors including Rainbow, Silver/Black, and Gold/Black. They retail for 22 dollars for the 5” and 24 dollars for the 7”.

Mark holds up a nice Brown caught on Lake Michigan

Conclusion: The preproduction sample of the new Bluegill swimbait already looked very impressive and the company will be releasing final versions at ICAST. There may be revisions to the sample we saw, and the tail design still remains to be seen, but we like what we see thus far. As a company AC Plugs has undergone a complete makeover and the lure offering is expanding at an even greater rate. One of the things that AC Plugs prides itself on is introducing baits that are not just designed for a single species, like bass for example, but providing lures that fishermen can use for a variety of species, the introduction of the company’s new Bluegill is just the company’s latest offering, and we expect to see more exciting new baits at ICAST.









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