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Reel Review

Is the Revo MGX the New Lightweight King?


Date: 2/18/12
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.33 - GREAT

Recently on both our discussion forum and Facebook fan page, we published a list of reels in line for a review and asked readers to vote on which reels they'd like to see written up first. Similar to the stir created at ICAST 2011, the winner was a little unexpected - at least to us. Abu Garcia's Revo MGX won both polls running away so here now is our detailed look into the new magnesium baitcaster from Abu.


Abu Garcia Revo MGX SHS L Specifications

Rated Line Capacity 16lb (.33mm)/ 100m
Tested Line Capacity 50 Suffix 832 Braid / 65yds
Retrieve Ratio 7.9:1
Inches Per Turn (IPT) tested 30" at full spool
Weight 5.4 ounces / 154 grams
Number of Bearings 10 (2 bearings per handle knob)
Bearing Size 3x10x4 (sideplate) : 5x11x4 (spool)
Drag 5lbs Max
Handle Length 80mm
Micro Click Adjustments Spool Tension & Drag
Spool Weight 10 grams
Brake Type IVCB (variation of centrifugal brakes)
External Brake Adjustment? Yes
Origin Korea
MSRP $345


Impressions: Those familiar with the Abu Garcia Revo low profile baitcaster profile will enjoy this reel. Its shape and fit are very reminiscent of its Revo brethren but the big difference of course is the reel's weight. Measuring in at 5.4 ounces, this reel is lighter than a stock Daiwa Steez 103 (tested at 5.5 ounces) and a stock Pixy PX68/68L (tested at 5.6 ounces)!!


Introducing the Revo MGX SHS.


Cosmetically speaking the MGX is all about stealth. Back in 2009, in my review of the Revo SX high speed, I talked about how the Revo line reminds me of the Daiwa Alphas/Sol line. The MGX shares the same proportions, but with its silver dimpled highlights set against its black aluminum parts, this reel is borrowing from yet another reel in the Daiwa lineup - the Steez. Of course, at roughly half the price of the Daiwa Steez, what kind of punch does the MGX carry? Let's find out.

Abu Garcia breaks the 6 ounce threshold with the 5.4 ounce MGX!

Field Tests: In North America, the Revo MGX is currently only available in right hand retrieve. However, over in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), this same reel can be found in left hand retrieve. I tapped into my network of contacts in Japan and managed to procure a lefty during the fall of 2011.

This is a left hand retrieve model, currently only available in Japan.

Casting: Though not really marketed as such, the Revo MGX is intended as a finesse baitcaster. Here at TackleTour, the term “finesse baitcaster” means we expect this reel to be able and present lures below one quarter of an ounce in overall weight. Our benchmark for finesse baitcasters, of course, is the Daiwa Pixy.

A look at the IVCB brakes - a variation on centrifugal brakes.

And a look outside at the external dial for adjusting the brakes.

First stop for the MGX was a showdown with both the Daiwa Pixy PX68 and the Pixy SPR at TackleTour Headquarters. I pulled out two rods with which to conduct these tests, a Phenix Recon PHX-C683ML and an Evergreen International's TDC-66MLBF-Pro Stingray 66.

The SHS is a features a super fast 7.9:1 gear ratio that translates to 30 inches of line retrieved per turn of the handle (measured at full spool).

We rigged a series of baits ranging in total bait range from one eight ounce on up to one quarter ounce, switched each reel from one rod to the other and tested each reel's ability to both cast and pitch the pre-selected lures. Tests were conducted at TackleTour Headquarters so we could more easily estimate casting distances. Lastly, each reel was spooled with 5lb Sunline Shooter Invisible Metan fluorocarbon.

When we say full spool, we mean right to that lip where the black and white meet... at this height on the spool, we measured 28 inches per turn of the handle.

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