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Reel Review


Abu Garcia Puts It All Together in the REVO 4 Premier (continued)

Retrieve: The gen 4 REVO Premier is available in two gear ratios, but only one of these (6.6:1) is available in both left and right hand retrieve. The other is a 7.3:1 gear ratio. Each retrieve is enabled by an aluminum main gear - the Premier is the only gen 4 REVO to have aluminum gearing. The result is a familiar, connected feel as that aluminum gear transmits, rather than shields you from all the internal workings of the reel. It is the normal trade off - aluminum is lighter, but also more rigid than brass, hence that connected feel.

The Premier features an aluminum alloy gear

Power: None of that has an effect on the reel's performance however as the Premier was more than capable of handling normal and some abnormal fishing duties. Certainly not my first choice in deep cranking combos, but I did tie on a Strike King 10XD to see how the Premier would handle this bait and really, it pulled the 10XD just fine. I was thankful a fish didn't strike during these tests though because the TAT721HFB is NOT a cranking stick.

Abu's Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag nestled within the Premier's aluminum main gear

Drag: To get that sometimes elusive hookup and confirm the fish fighting characteristics of the Premier, I had to go vertical. I tied on an old Fintech Title Shot jighead and topped it with a Berkley Powerbait Bearded Grass Pig Swimbait and made some casts out into a shallow bay we were fishing. On about the seventh or eighth cast, just when I was losing confidence in the bait combo, a feisty little male took the bait and proceeded to battle as if it were a five or six pounder!

Matched nicely with a Daiwa Tatula casting stick

I really thought I had a good fish on because it managed to pull some drag, and then when I got it to the side of the boat, I saw it was maybe a two to two and a half pound fish at best. I checked my drag setting and it was where I like it (I rarely if ever lock down my drag) so I chalked it up to just an overly aggressive fish. I was thankful though as it showed me what I kind of already knew - that Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag is smooth and consistent. I knew this already because I've fished several other gen 4 REVOs with the same drag system prior to the Premier.

The entire Revo casting reel lineup shares this nice, low profile

Design & Ergonomics: The use of an aluminum main gear and perhaps the carbon handle too results in an overall weight reduction in the Premier of one point two ounces (1.2oz) as measured in our lab when compared to the REVO STX. It is a difference you can easily feel when you pick the reels up side by side and one that my wrists can feel after an extended day fishing. It's not a hugely significant difference, but one that is welcomed if ergonomics are important to you.

EVA knobs are supported by two bearings

Price & Applications: If you use right hand retrieve reels, the Premier will be slightly more attractive to you than those of us who prefer left hand retrieve ratios only because there are two retrieve ratios from which you can choose. Us lefthand retrieve folks are left with only one choice. This is not a huge deal in practical terms since we're only really talking about three inches of line per turn of the handle on a full spool of line. But it is a point of contention and disappointment. The reasoning, however, is obvious. Sales of left hand reels just do not justify Abu Garcia cutting the gears in the opposite direction.

The Premier is essentially a of low profile version of the Morrum ZX, sharing the same black and gold color scheme and an updated version of the braking system


Abu Garcia Revo4 Premier Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Fit and finish of the flagship is solid 9
Performance A different feeling in retrieve from the rest of the family, but still very good and the casting brakes are my favorite in the Abu family 9
Price Flagship comes at a price but in the case of Abu Garcia, not as high as other manufacturers 7
Features Aluminum gears, Power Matrix Carbon Stack Drag, IVCB-6L brakes 8
Design (Ergonomics) The lightest non-MG REVO 8
Application Retrieve ratio options are less than stellar for lefties 6

Total Score


Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Lightest non-MG Revo4 - Brakes can be tricky to control
+ Carbon handle is a nice touch  
+ IVCB-6L brakes  
+ Robust drag  


Conclusion: As flagship models go, the REVO Premier isn't really as "fauncy" as say the Shimano Antares or Daiwa's Steez - few reels really are. Although honestly, if you want a freshwater reel that really shows off what Abu Garcia is about, their true flagship product is probably the made in Sweden, Morrum ZX 3600/3601. Round reels just don't get much play these days.


If you're looking for a reel that represents a culmination of Abu Garcia's efforts in a low profile frame, the Premier is that reel


The Premier is essentially a of low profile version of the Morrum ZX, sharing the same black and gold color scheme and an updated version of the braking system. It is presented in a profile that is much more consumer friendly to palm and fish all day long and, if you use right hand retrieve reels, is offered in two different retrieve ratios to round out your application needs. Those of us who use left hand retrieve reels are once again short changed. Abu Garcia offers a lot of different options and configurations of their REVO lineup, but if you're looking for a reel that represents a culmination of these efforts, the Premier is that reel.


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