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Five to be enshrined into the IGFA Hall of Fame

Date: 8/19/04
Location: Dania Beach, Florida
Event Sponsor: Rolex
Event Date: Oct 26th. 6PM
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: TackleTour readers love fishing, and the tackle that makes it possible to catch those once in a lifetime fish. But have you ever stopped and wondered about the people that make it possible to continue to pursue trophy gamefish, or transformed a pastime into a hugely popular sport and multi-million dollar industry? This Fall the International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame is inducting five such men into the Hall of Fame.


Each year the honorees are selected for the important contributions they have made to the sport of fishing through angling achievements, literature, the arts, science, education, invention, communication, or administration of fishery resources.


The inductees and their contributions are:


Walter W. Fondren, III

One of the founding members of the Gulf Coast Conservation Association in 1977, Fondren remains chairman of the non-profit Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) which has tens of thousands of members in 15 coastal states and has played a major role in the conservation of U.S. marine fishery sources.


Peter Goadby

Devoted to conservation and ethics in fishing, Goadby was instrumental in the development of the Cairns giant black marlin fishery and with the introduction of tag-and-release fishing in Australia. A well-known author and lecturer, he was the first to land a shark and a marlin each over 1,000 lbs.


Frank J. Mather, III

Mather, who died in 2000, dedicated his life to the study of large pelagic fishes, particularly the Atlantic bluefin tuna. Based at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, he designed the dart tag and originated the Cooperative Game Fish Tagging Program in 1954, the first active conservation measure for the bluefin


Ray W. Scott, Jr.

In 1968 Scott turned a vision into the 600,000 Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.), spawning internationally what is today a multi-billion dollar bass fishing industry. Hes credited with establishing the rules of competitive bass fishing and was the first to promote catch-and-release in major tournaments


Mark Sosin

Sosin's credits span all phases of outdoor communications: he is an award-winning writer, photographer, radio personality, and host for 20 years of TV's "Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal."  Considered a fishing authority, he also teaches seminars and clinics and serves as a consultant to industry and government

The Actual Event: Sponsored by Rolex, the star-studded enshrinement ceremony and dinner will be held Tuesday, October 26, at 6 p.m. at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Fla. The public is invited. Joining Andy Mill on stage as the masters of ceremonies will be Roland Martin who was inducted in the 2003 IGFA Hall of Fame enshrinement class with Curt Gowdy, Lefty Kreh, Billy Pate, Sir Garrick Agnew and Henry Lyman.  There are currently 50 Hall of Fame members enshrined including Ernest Hemingway, Zane Grey, Michael and Helen Lerner, Philip Wylie and Ted Williams.


The evening will include a cocktail reception, silent auction, the induction ceremony and dinner. If you wish to witness the event firsthand  call 954-924-4222 for reservation information. 


Conclusion: For some fishing is a hobby, for others its a livelihood, and for many of us it is nothing short of a passion. The men in the class of 2004 Hall of Fame all made their share of valuable contributions to fishing, conservation, and the tackle industry. TackleTour salutes these giants of men for contributing to the sport we cherish, and making it possible for anglers today and tomorrow to wet our lines and land those fish that dreams are made of.









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