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Lure Review

6th Sense's Snatch X/FRS Lipless Crank


Date: 6/10/15
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: 6th Sense
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.05 - GREAT

6th Sense is a relative new comer to the scene of bass fishing, but they're making a big splash with their baits that feature quality finishes. We recently took to the water with some of their lipless baits. Introducing our take on the 6th Sense Snatch lipless crank!


6th Sense Snatch Specifications

Type Lipless Crank
Length 2 3/4"
Weight 5/8 oz
Colors 13
Hooks VMC Black Nickel
MSRP $7.99


Quality/Construction: The Snatch by 6th Sense is an interesting little bait. Most lipless cranks have a flat spot at the top of the head but a very smooth taper over the rest of the body from the top, down to the sides then the bottom. The snatch has a ridge along its side as it transitions from the top of the bait to the side. This ridge serves as a shadow line really defining the top of the bait in its different finishes. These finishes are finely executed as is detailing along the head of the bait. For hardware, 6th sense relies on VMC black nickel trebles.


Quality Ratings for 6th Sense Snatch

Finish (1-5)
Detailing (1-5)
Hardware (1-5)
Craftsmanship (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)

Introducing 6th Sense's lipless crank, the Snatch.

Performance: I fished this bait tied to the end of my fluorocarbon spooled Shimano Exsence DC mounted on a Shimano Expride 171H.

The Snatch is a 70mm bait available in standard rattle and faint rattle models.

Castability: I've yet to meet a lipless crank that wasn't easy to throw. Having said that, the Snatch probably could have benefited from a softer rod as a launching platform. The Exsence DC makes an excellent reel for casting and retrieving lipless cranks so in the end it all evened out. It may have been my imagination, but I found the 70X a little easier to cast than the 70FRS (faint rattle system).

From the head it looks like any other lipless crank.

Slow and High Speed: The Snatch swims well at both low and high speed retrieves with no signs of blowing out even when pitted against the super fast 8:1 gear ratio of the Shimano Exsence.

But on its side, this bait is much more angular.

Yo Yo Action: In rise and fall action, the Snatch descends in the water column with a neutral body position but with no side to side shimmies as it sinks.

That ridge creates a shadow line reinforced by the way in which 6th Sense applies each finish.

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