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Lure Review

Huddleston Continues to Innovate : The Weedless Trout


Date: 3/17/11
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Huddleston
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.5 + INNOVATION AWARD!

With the popularity of four to seven inch finesse type swimbaits and the availability thereof on the steady rise, it's easy to overlook one bait that's been on the market for several years. Anglers always want the latest and greatest yet when the downsized version of the heralded Huddleston Deluxe Eight-Inch Trout hit the market, despite the initial spike in interest and demand, for whatever reason the full sized bait still remained the most popular choice. Fast forward a couple of years and Huddleston offered another enhancement to the Six-Inch Deluxe that truly promised to revolutionize their entire line of products. He did the unthinkable and made the bait weedless! Here now is our long overdue look at the Huddleston Deluxe Six-Inch Weedless Trout.


Finally, we take a look at the Huddleston Deluxe 6" Weedless Trout.


Huddleston Deluxe 6" Weedless Trout Specifications

Type Soft Bodied Swimbait
Depth Any
Class Sinking (ROF 5 & ROF 12)
Size (Approx Weight) 6 inches, ROF 12 = 1.8 oz
Supplied Hook unknown brand
Colors / Patterns 15
No. per pack 1
MSRP $17


There really is a hook in there ...


Impressions: Both the weedless and non-weedless versions of the Huddleston Deluxe Six-Inch Trout are available in a variety of realistic finishes and both in five and twelve feet per ten second fall rates. Just like its larger sibling, the original Eight-Inch Trout, detailing on the Six-Inch Trout is so simple yet right, it's amazing. The fact that Huddleston was able to find a way to conceal the hook just makes this bait look unfair.


... see?

Field Tests: I’ve been throwing the Deluxe Six-Inch Weedless Trout off and on since its debut a couple of years ago, but have had limited success because the bite just hasn’t been right and as most people who throw big baits will agree, you can’t force feed these baits to the fish - the bite is not always there.

Even from up top, it's pretty well concealed!

Nonetheless, because these baits only weigh 1.8 ounces, it’s very easy to always have one tied on and ready to chuck into the nastiest cover you can find because that is exactly the purpose for which they are built. Because of this, the question of what combo to use has less to do with which rod and reel can handle the bait, but rather, what rod, reel, and line is appropriate for the cover in which you intend to toss the lure.

Early season testing amongst submerged tree tops - no problem coming through.

Just about any heavy powered rod will handle this bait just fine, but if you’re going to toss the Six-Inch Weedless into cover, you better be sure your stick has enough power to turn the fish’s head when it strikes and direct it out of that cover.

Rigged and ready to go.

I throw this bait on a variety of sticks from a traditional Mattlures Swimbait Stick to my Kistler MH Zbone rod.  Choice of reel is less important to me, but my choice in line is braid, 55lb Daiwa Samurai Braid to be exact.

Even the line tie is very well concealed.

Line Tie: The interesting aspect about this lure is, unlike it’s non-weedless sibling, the line tie for the 6” Weedless Hudd is right at the nose of the bait. While still not totally immune to catching weeds (or more precisely, hair algae, nothing can avoid this stuff), this modification in the line tie location makes this bait super stealthy and able to swim through weeds very nicely.

This can make it a challenge to thread your line through, but once you do, it's all worth it.

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