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Lure Preview

Tru-Tungsten announces new Tru-Life 4-Inch swimbait

Date: 7/13/08
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Tru-Tungsten
Reviewer: Leo





Introduction: In just a few days at Icast, there will undoubtedly be thousands of new baits for anglers to gawk over. Among those introducing new baits is Tru-Tungsten. Batting lead off in the “new bait lineup” for Tru-Tungsten is the 4” Tru-Life swimbait, a bait designed to “match the hatch” in waters where smaller baitfish are the main course for bass.


Introducing the new Tru-Tungsten 4 Inch Swimbait


Tru-Tungsten – Tru-Life 4” Swimbait Specifications




2 Versions

     1-Float / Moderate Sink (MS)

     2-Moderate Sink (MS) / Fast Sink (FS)


4 inches

Weight (ounces)



6 colors (Shad, Chartreuse Shad, Bluegill, Baby Bass, Blue Back Herring and Perch)



Background: With the help of BASS Superstar Ish Monroe and swimbait expert Matt Newman, Tru-Tungsten began manufacturing swimbaits in 2007.  Their first two swimbaits to hit the market were the 7” Bluegill and Tilapia and the 9” Tru-Life Trout that we previewed for you at ICAST 2007. The new Tru-Life 4” swimbait becomes the latest in Tru-Tungsten’s line of big baits albeit, as a smaller counterpart to its two predecessors. Dan Vesuvio of Tru-Tungsten explains the manufacturer’s thoughts behind a 4” swimbait, “We really wanted to come out with a swimbait that was more demographically appealing to anglers all over the country, in particular the east where big swimbaits aren’t as effective as they are out west.”


TruTungsten believes the smaller presentation will be a more viable option in the East


The Bait: The Tru-Life 4” is tiny in relation to traditional swimbaits to which we are growing more and more accustomed. As the name for this bait describes, it is a mere four inches in length. It is available in two models, a floater/moderate sinker and a moderate sinker/fast sinker. The bait is also available in 6 colors, Shad, Bluegill, Chartreuse Shad, Baby Bass, Perch and Blue Back Herring.


Each bait has Tru-Tungsten’s signature etched scale patterns

Each of the two models of the bait can be configured to run at different depths by inserting or removing tungsten balls. These balls are placed in a small chamber in the belly of the bait, and each bait can hold up to two 4.5 millimeter tungsten balls giving each version three different weights (no balls, 1 ball, 2 balls). Both versions of the bait will retail at $19.99.


The four jointed system gives these baits their swimming action


Floater: As expected, the floater comes out of the package as a floating bait and no balls in the chamber. By adding one ball it becomes a very slow sinking wake bait and can be fished super slow. When the second ball is added the bait swims just beneath the surface and can be “burned” (fast retrieved) to leave a nice wake. The baits are designed to run true no matter what retrieve speed is used.


The new TruTungsten 4” swimbait will be available in six different colors


Sinker: The sinker comes out of the package as a slow sinker with no balls in the chamber. With no balls the bait fishes similar to the floater model with 2 balls. Add 1 ball it becomes a medium fast sinker and with 2 balls it becomes a fast sinker


One last look at these pre-production prototype baits before their official release in just three days!


Conclusion: As the big bait phenomenon spreads across the country, smaller swimbaits are becoming a popular new trend from many of the manufacturers. Tru-Tungsten’s entry into this new small swimbait class looks promising. The Tru-Life 4” swimbait is expected to hit store shelves early this coming fall in both models and all six colors.











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