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A Different Approach : The New Player - Trika Rods (continued)


Overall the Trika rod's matte blanks look very clean and are in keeping with the brand's tactical theme. In terms of hardware Trika makes use of Kigan 3D Titanium frames with custom Zirconia inserts. Overall the mass production builds are very clean and my initial thoughts on the new rods are very positive. The Trika rods have a unique custom design and I particularly like how the casting rods balance out when paired with lightweight aluminum and magnesium reels. The casting reel seat in particular is extremely comfortable, and palming provides a natural feeling grip with excellent access to the blank at the same time.


Trika rods make use of Kigan 3D Titanium frames with custom Zirconia inserts


The price point on these rods is also interesting and they look, and feel, higher-end than their aggressive price point might otherwise indicate. All of the rods, whether it be spinning or casting, and regardless of length, retail for only $299.99 each and are available now directly from Trika.


The reel seats feature a Trika branded insert. Because these rods do not use off the shelf components they have a very refined custom feel, and even feature design cues from the company's Ravin crossbows


The current casting lineup includes seven rods that address applications including finesse, jigs, cranking, topwater, spinnerbaits, flukes, pitching/flipping, frogs, swimjigs and even small to mid-size swimbaits. These rods range in length from 6'10" to 7'7".  The spinning rod offering consists of five rods covering everything from finesse, dropshot, jigging, shakeyhead, neko, jerkbait, and fishing light Texas rigs. These spinning rods range in length from 6'6" to 7'6".


In addition to these branded rods Trika is also making their proprietary blanks available to rod builders and these are also available now and retail for $199 each. 


The reel seats are custom and do not feature inserts for maximum sensitivity and light weight


Trika is looking to engage anglers and build confidence in their new rods and brand and all rods come with a one year unconditional money back guarantee. This means that anglers can essentially try these rods for a full year and if they are unsatisfied for any reason Trika will exchange or refund the full purchase price of the rod. This warranty/guarantee is quite different than the rest of the industry where manufacturers typically offer either a 1 year or limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacture defects and often not all the components, or require a replacement fee to warranty a damaged rod.


The Trika rods are designed and manufactured here in America


Trika is banking on the idea that their new rods will not only hold up to everything anglers throw at them, but that they will meet or exceed expectations. I confirmed with the team at Trika that this 100% money back guarantee covers all scenarios, meaning the rod will be replaced or refunded even if it is accidentally broken, there is a manufacture defect of any kind, or anglers simply decide they donít want it anymore.


Once the rod is returned Trika will refund for the full cost of the rod back to the anglers bank account. This guarantee is good for 1 year, which the company believes is plenty of time to decide if anglers love the stick or identify any failures with the rod.


The carbon fiber grips are finished with a custom composite Trika butt cap


Our Quick Take: Trika is a newcomer to the fishing rod market but the team has a lot of experience in rod design and manufacturing and the parent company is a market leader in other outdoor categories. If you are a crossbow hunter or archer you are more likely to have heard of their other brands including Ravin Crossbows and and Block Targets but the company's new rods are looking to change all that by expanding into the highly competitive fishing market. The move makes sense as so many hunters also enjoy fishing. Similar to their approach with Ravin the Trika team is a blend of hard core outdoor enthusiasts and engineers that are looking to push the envelope through a combination of design, use of advanced materials, and new manufacturing processes. 


I've been fishing the prototype rods for a few months and the mass production rods are considerably more refined and initial thoughts are very positive. I look forward to seeing just how "different" the Trika rods over the course of the season


Trika claims that the rods are "built different" and engineered to outperform other traditional rods in three key categories, weight, sensitivity, and casting. These are big claims and it likely depends which competitors Trika is comparing the new rods to. We look forward to putting these rods through the paces to draw our own conclusions. It is noteworthy that Trika is also taking a big chance that these rods will exceed consumer expectations with their 1 year money back guarantee, and while this is risky move cost-wise it is also a bold play that speaks to just how confident they are that these rods are truly that unique.


Looking for Trika Rods and Blanks? Try the Trika Website









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