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First Look Inside the New Shimano Curado K Series Baitcasters (continued)


Souped up Inside and Out: The first major upgrade over the current version is the smaller overall footprint which was achieved without sacrificing any capacity. The Curado K starts with a solid aluminum frame to keep things pinned together and the handle side sideplate gets an upgraded CI4 sideplate that is lighter yet more rigid. The non-handle sideplate is made out of more traditional graphite material, and under that sideplate anglers will find Shimano's new SVS Infinity centrifugal brake system, the same system first introduced on the much more expensive Aldebaran reels. 


The only two green components, the cast control knob and the spool pay homage to previous signature green Curados of the past


This system offers both internally adjustable brakes as well as a wider range of micro-adjustment with the external dial. This system is one of the biggest upgrades over the previous model and the wider range of adjustments allow anglers to really dial in for the weight and type of lures that they are casting.


The new "A" sideplate is constructed out of a lighter and yet more rigid CI4 carbon composite material


Inside the frame we got our first look at the master gearing in our 200XG test reel and here we find the third and perhaps most important upgrade, the MicroModule gear system which is a larger gear with more but much smaller teeth for a smoother retrieve and better transfer of winding power.


The new gearing is massive


It isn't just about power with the new Curado reel as the new gearing meshes better promoting superior gear engagement between the drive and pinion gear for a smoother even more connected feel. The new gearing is also mated to a longer 4 inch handle loaded with larger power knobs. 


Though large the gearing now features smaller MicroModule teeth for a smoother retrieve


Inside the gearing is the Curado 200K's simple yet effective drag system which consists of carbon washers on both sides of the brass gearing sandwiched between steel. On the machine we were able to achieve nearly 12lbs. of drag pressure which is 8% more than Shimano's rating of 11lbs. max drag.


The drag system consists of multiple carbon and steel washer surfaces surrounding the main gearing


The Curado 200K is designed to take on bass but the company has also toughened the reel up with saltwater inshore anglers in mind. The reel has plenty of capacity for inshore applications and it is impressive that Shimano was able to shrink the reel down by 10% and yet maintain not only capacity but improve spool access. Inside the reel comes with six shielded anti-rust ball bearings to ward off corrosion.


A smaller platform with no line capacity reduction and greater spool access? Nicely done Shimano


The new Curado 200K looks like a worthy successor to the Curado Series, and personally I think it is the best looking Curado to date, and certainly the most aggressively styled. The new reel looks sleeker, meaner, and certainly higher-end than the current version. Though it looks and fishes like a premium reel Shimano is pricing the new Curado at the exact same MSRP of $179 dollars. Generations on anglers have turned to the Curado Series as their primary workhorse reel day in and day out and with the new 200K it certainly seems Shimano has just raised the benchmark for the series once again when it comes to both features and performance. This new reel is mean with just the right amount of green.


The new Shimano Curado K Series reels will be available in the September timeframe and is availlable for pre-order at TackleWarehouse










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