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Now that is Savage, Duck is on the Menu for Bass and Pike


Date: 5/10/16
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
Reviewer: Zander




Introduction: First a 3D Rat and now a 3D duck?! After 24 hours Savage Gear agreed to not only show us but give us a test drive of their new bait which will not officially debut until ICAST later this Summer. This new topwater lure features a combination of design elements that come together to mimic a fleeing duckling.


What will the guys at Savage Scan next? How about a friggin duck


The first question I asked was if the team at Savage Gear actually 3D scanned a duck to produce this new lure. The answer was "yes" followed by it was a little hairy getting a good scan of this guy.


A look at the 6" 3D Duck in Wood Duck pattern


The Savage Gear 3D duck features a much longer profile than other duck baits and really looks like a bird laying down to power through the water. The under belly of the bait reminds me of the bottom of a boat, and sure enough the faster you retrieve the bait the more cuts through the water, and the only thing that stops it from digging in are the spinning feet.


A pair of spinning feet cup and throw off water in all directions as the lure is retrieved


These spinning feet throw off water in all directions and because of their cupped shape they will even churn water like a double-buzz, helping the bait not only create a big wake but a bubble trail. When retrieved slowly the bait churns plenty of water, but when the bait is burned it will really get pretty loud, and much like a twin bladed buzzbait is designed to call in fish from a great distance.


A line tie under the bill help keeps the bait running true


This bait is fun to fish! On Lake Trafford there really wasn't any topwater bite today but the bait certainly fooled the gators that eagerly gave chase. When it is debuted at ICAST 2016 the 3D Duck will be available in three patterns, Wood Duck, Yellow Duck, and Baby Black Bird.


At a slow retrieve the bait creates a big wake


The 3D Duck will also be available in two sizes, a 6" bait which should appeal to big bait anglers yearning for explosive topwater strikes, and a 4 1/4" inch size that is a lot less intimidating to fish.


With a fast retrieve the 3D Duck creates a lot of noise and a bubble trail


Each bait is rigged with both top and bottom hook configurations so that anglers can customize the bait for a variety of different conditions. For added realism these hooks are dressed up with feathers that match the pattern of the body.


The smaller 4 1/4" size in Baby Black Bird Pattern


The Savage Gear 3D Duck is a brand new take on the topwater duckling style bait. I've seen big bass take ducklings on my home water of the California Delta, and cannot wait to see how fish will react to these new baits both there and at Clear Lake. While I didn't have a chance to test the lure with only the top hook to see just how weedless it can be fished, just the sheer churn in the water was enough to get me excited about the potential that this lure has. It look's like duck is on the menu this week in Florida.









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