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PRODUCTTPREVIEW : The Punch Skirt by Paycheck Baits

Date: 7/03/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Paycheck Baits
Reviewer: Cal





Introduction: Bub Tosh is a Western Bass Pro best known for throwing big baits and throwing them quite effectively, especially on his home waters of Don Pedro Lake. But now that the big bait boom has overtaken the western waters, what’s the next big thing for anglers wanting to stay one step ahead of their competition? According to Bub, it’s an evolution of some old time favorites – pitching and flipping, but with a big bait mentality.

Introducing Paycheck Baits and their debut product, the Punch Skirt.

Those familiar with the California Delta already know of this technique, but how many know how to do it effectively? What is this technique? It’s called “punching”, and Bub knows when the heat is up on the Delta, the bass seek cover. The most effective way to catch them, is to get your bait into their strike zone, but to do this you have to rig up with a bullet weight in excess of one ounce so you can bust your bait through that cover and dangle it in front of unsuspecting bass.


The Punch Skirt sits between your tungsten weight and bait hook creating a punch style jig.

Tie your hook with a snell knot and the Punch Skirt bead provides a pivot point for your hook to kick out to the side on tension increasing your hookup ratio

In fact, Bub knows this technique so well (he placed second at the recent Stren Series event on the California Delta), he’s started his own bait company and called up TackleTour to help make the announcement on his new line of products. Introducing Paycheck Bait’s products for the technique of punching.



TT Video - Bub introduces the Paycheck Punch Skirt and how to fish a Punch Rig


Having chased after trophy bass in tournament conditions for so long, Bub knows one of the most effective baits for big fish, aside from a big bait, is the jig. Big fish like to hit jigs, but in the technique of punching, a jig is difficult to if not impossible to present effectively through dense cover. Bub knows this all too well and his solution? The Punch Skirt, a very simple, yet very effective product that sits between your punching weight and hook giving your bulked up texas rig the flare of a jig.



TT Video - Bub shows us all the colors in his new lineup and shows us the skirts he fished the Stren Series on the Delta with and took second place on


The Punch Skirt will come in packs of two and will be available in seven different colors for approximate price of $6.75. At the heart of the Punch Skirt is a bead made of a mysterious material designed to resist the impact abuse of a tungsten weight while at the same time stand up against the abrasive abuse of your heavy braided line. The skirts are silicone and hand tied and pressed into the bead for maximum flare.


Bub shows us the two skirts that saw him through the entire Stren Series event on the Delta at the end of May 2009.


A close look at the Punch Skirt bead and skirt.


Next Section: How to rig, more vids, and a prototype frog!









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