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F5-75XX Extreme Mission Type F (Luke Clausen): Where 6'-6" used to be the standard length in bass rods, the F5-75XX seems answers the call of today's tournament professional where longer sticks are now the norm. Looking at this rod's deflection curve (yellow line), it's quite obvious Megabass has built the Extreme Mission Type F as a multi-application rod.

"My favorite rod for casting Carolina rigs, football heads and big worms deep. Great for when you want a longer rod to get the pressure on one with a lot of line out."

- Luke Clausen, FLW Tour

The Orochi XX Rods feature Fuji Tangle Free Alconite Micro-Guides.

F6-70XX Tour Versatile (Luke Clausen): As its name suggests, the F6-70XX Tour Versatile is another multi-application stick. With its more JDM traditional, medium-fast taper, it should be well suited for both vertical and horizontal presentations.

"This is a stiffer, faster action rod that is great for 6 - 7 in. worms on a Texas-rig. It is also good for small Carolina rigs, soft jerk baits and 4 - 5 in. wacky-rigged stick baits. This is a very versatile rod, and is a good choice almost anytime you are using 12 to 20 lb line for everything up to the size of smaller soft plastic swimbaits."

- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

What are those metal things on the blank?


Hook hangars! If you wanted an indication these are truly designed the North American Angler, this is it!

F6 1/2-70XX Jig & Worm (Luke Clausen): For those looking for a more traditional, eye crossing, hook setting power in a jig and worm rod, it looks like the F6 1/2-70XX will be your best bet. Named exactly for this purpose, it charts out as the most powerful stick of the bunch thanks in part to its shorter length when compared to the F8-79XX.

"The ultimate jig and worm rod for fishing around moderate cover. Power and performance in a 7' package." - Luke Clausen, FLW Tour on the F 6 1/2-70XX.

"This is a beefy rod with a lot of backbone, yet it's still light and very sensitive. It's my go-to rod for pitchin'' and short casting a jig. It's great for anything from a 3/8 to 3/4 oz. jigs.  This is the ultimate tight-quarters flippin' rod."

- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

Fig 4 : The F6 and higher powers in Megabass's Orochi XX lineup all chart new ground compared to previous generation flipping rods we've reviewed here on TackleTour. It looks as if Megabass has stepped up the power and taper curves in response to what anglers in North America prefer.

F7-72XX Perfect Pitch (Aaron Martens): This is the stick that caught my attention right off the bat. I wanted to see how it matched up in the lab against the Ultimate Enthusiast winning Orochi X4 Destruction. Turns out this stick is just a little more powerful. I'll have to get it out on the water to see how its tip performs in comparison too but if it really does compare favorably to the MBR844C GLX as the chart below suggests, this may very well be a good stick for pitching.

"This is an excellent pitchin' rod.  It's perfect for pitchin' 1/2 oz. jigs, but it's a great choice for 3/4  - 1 oz. football head jigs as well. It will also work well for medium sized (5 to 6 in.) soft plastic swimbaits. It's also the rod I use when fishing my shaky fish in 1/2 and 3/4 ounces."

- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE

Fig 5: The stick that caught my attention? The F7-72XX Perfect Pitch (orange curve) I wanted to see how it lined up with the X4 Destruction (red curve).

F8-79XX Aaron Martens Flipping Special: Initial impressions of this stick are it's every bit the beefy rod you expect when you select a stick for flipping duty. Unlike it's more finesse flipping brothers, the Seven Eleven models, the F8-79XX has some real muscle behind it. Though certainly it's not quite as stout as the recently reviewed Super Red Demon (an F10 power rod).

"The Flipping Special is the nicest flipping stick I've ever used. It's excellent for flippin' heavy line even with a light weight.  What separates this rod is you can flip weights as small as 1/8 - 1/4 oz. and its still very sensitive and lightweight.  It's perfect for 1/2 oz. - 1 1/2 oz. flippin' rigs. Its sweet spot is at 1 ounce, where it is ridiculous.  It's great for punching as well with weights from 1/2 ounce to 1 1/4 oz. This rod is light and sensitive, yet it has got some serious beef to it."

- Aaron Martens, B.A.S.S. ELITE.

Megabass, through it's new subsidiary, Megabass of America, is driving into the North American Market in a big way.


Conclusion: Megabass, through it's new subsidiary, Megabass of America, is diving into the North American Market in a big way. Sure, thanks to the former Megabass USA, the product has been available for a long time, but now we're getting product specifically designed for how we fish here in North America. The Orochi Double-X rods are the first sticks out of the new subsidiary built and designed with significant input from pros Aaron Martens and Luke Clausen featuring faster tapers and longer overall lengths. Are you as anxious as we are to see how these sticks perform out on the water? Visit our Facebook Page and vote for which stick in this lineup you want to see tested and written up first!











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