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ICAST 2023 Coverage


Daiwa’s Tatula 100 Grows Fangs


Date: 7/19/23
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Daiwa refreshes its top-selling Tatula Series reels with a completely new form factor that places an emphasis on ergonomics. However, the redesign is more than skin deep, as HYPERDRIVE features originally reserved for the company’s higher-end reels now make their way into the new 100 size baitcaster.


Meet the newest, and smallest Tatula, the redesigned 100

HYPE-ing up the Tatula 100: There was a time when the Zillion series was regarded as Daiwa’s mainstream reel, but with the success of the Tatula family, the Zillion has moved upstream to the high-performance segment, while the Tatula continues to firmly establish itself as the company’s mainstream workhorse series.

The most obvious design change is the center frame which looks like the reel grew fangs

Over the years, the Tatula reels have become increasingly refined, spawning new sizes all the way up to 300, and special versions like the Elite, SV TW, and Pitch and Flip models. In total, there are eight different Tatula Series reels, and the 100 size is the smallest and lightest of the series, designed to be more comfortable to palm and fish with all day. This season, Daiwa has completely refreshed the 100 size reel with a new design that paves the way for updates throughout the series.

The design improves ergonomics for palming comfort and overall grip

The design change on the outside is significant, with the reel getting a more aggressive sculpted frame. There is an indent in the center of the frame, which is reminiscent of the fangs on a tarantula in my opinion. I wonder if that was what the designers at Daiwa were going for, and it would certainly be in keeping with the Tatula theme. Daiwa did confirm that the indent in the center frame design is an ergonomic resting spot for your thumb when palming. Not only does it feel comfortable, but it also provides a more solid grip.

Comparing the last gen with the new Tatula 100 and the new reel looks more modern, sleeker, and smaller but actually weighs in exactly the same at 6.9 ounces

Marc Mills, Daiwa’s Marketing Manager, explained that in addition to the changes in form factor, the two most significant feature updates include a new, thinner and lighter 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum spool for greater casting distance and more control, and the addition of the company’s HYPERDRIVE gearing.

T-Wing system of course

Marc states, “You previously would find the HYPERDRIVE gearing in our higher-end models like STEEZ and ZILLION, but now it’s in the TATULA 100, too, allowing better rotation, durability, while keeping a super-fluid feel to allow the angler to focus more on what’s happening in the water than feeling the rotation when you turn the handle. When you do hang a fish or work a lure, it’s noticeably smoother. You can’t feel the gears touch. It’s super smooth.”

A look at the sculpted non-handle sideplate

The addition of the HYPERDRIVE design elements means that this smallest Tatula now has the company’s more advanced gearing design. The pinion gear is now dual bearing-supported, and the new frame will still be constructed out of aluminum for precision and rigidity. We also learned that the clutch on the new reel has been redesigned, so it is better reinforced for better long-term feel and durability.

It is shaping up to be a big year for all things Tatula with the new reel and Tatula Elite AGS rods

The new Tatula looks and feels smaller and sleeker than the previous model and will be available in 6.3:1, 7.1:1, and 8.1:1 retrieve ratios. All reels will come with 7BB + 1RB bearings, a 90mm aluminum swept handle, and soft-touch handle knobs, weighing in at only 6.9 ounces. This is exactly the same weight as the previous generation.

The new Tatula 100 paves the way for a more aggressively sculpted form-factor for the Tatula family

Our Quick Take: This season’s new Tatula 100 redesign leans even more towards the Tatula theme, and the fanged center frame gives the reel a unique look in the Daiwa lineup. Though center indents have been seen on reels like the Zillion and Steez reels, the implementation has never been as pronounced as what we are seeing in this new reel. While the look may be a little polarizing, the reel does feel great when palmed. Under the fanged exterior, the Tatula 100 gets some significant, HYPER-level performance and refinement features that were previously reserved for the company’s higher-end reels, giving this Tatula an even deadlier bite than its predecessors. Best of all? The Tatula 100 will still retail for the same great price of only $179, giving anglers more bite for the buck.









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