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13 Fishing Hits New Price Points with Modus Series Baitcasters


Date: 7/25/22
Tackle Type: Reels
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: In addition to refreshing their spinning reel lineup 13 Fishing also introduced a new addition to their baitcasting lineup slotted in right between the Inception and Concept reels. Offered at a new 120-150 dollar price point the Modus Series consists of three new baitcasters.


The Modus SZ2 is the highest end Modus reel and is styled as such


Modus SZ2: At the top of the new Modus lineup is the SZ2. This reel features a grey finish with purple highlights, giving the reel a very modern styling. All of the Modus reels feature the same form factor which has elements of both the Inception and Concept reels. The Modus reels have a slightly more squared off look. The SZ2 features an aluminum frame and internally features a Japanese Hamai cut aluminum drive gear and CZB spool bearings. The reel also features a 6-way centrifugal braking system and a total of eight bearings.


The new profile has some elements of both Concept and Inception, and even a little Origin mixed in


The Modus SZ will only be available in one retrieve ratio, a multi-purpose 7.3:1 and weighs in at 7.19 ounces. The retail price for the new reel is $149 dollars and it will become available in just a few weeks. 


The Modus C2 features a more traditional color palette. I wouldn't think 13 Fishing right away when looking at a silver reel with gold highlights but I can see how it could appeal to some anglers. Internally it also features a more traditional build with no CZBs


Modus C2: The Modus SZ is the flashy reel and the C2 is the more classy and conservatively styled looking one. With sliver and gold this has to be the most traditional looking reel that we have ever seen come from 13 Fishing. The C2 is designed to be an everyday reel and also features an aluminum frame and Hamai cut aluminum drive gears and makes use of more traditional high-spin bearings, versus CZBs. The handle knobs are solid black, which is also in keeping with the classic look. The Modus C2 weighs 7.41 oz. and will be available in both 6.6:1 and 8.1:1 retrieve ratios. The Modus will be aggressively priced at $119.99 each and also start shipping in just a few weeks.


The Modus TX2 is more affordable because of the carbon composite frame which is actually more resistant to corrosion


Modus TX2: When I see seafoam green from 13 Fishing I think saltwater and the Modus TX2 is designed to be a crossover reel capable of handing saltwater environments. To do this the reel is made with a carbon composite zero corrosion frame and features high-spin anti corrosion stainless steel bearings. The TX2 also makes use of the same Japanese Hamai cut aluminum drive gear and features cork handles which are designed to provide a firm grip in all conditions. The Modus TX2 will be available in only a 7.3:1 retrieve ratio, weighs in at 7.25oz. and is the most aggressively priced Modus reel at only $109.99.


Want the SLIDE feature at a more aggressive price? Meet the Inception SLD2


Inception SLD2: For anglers looking for more performance and range of control than the Modus the company also launched a new Inception reel, and one equipped with the SLIDE magnetic cast control system we first saw in the Concept Z. The Inception SLD2 features a titanium coated aluminum drive gear, the Gen II hard anodized worm gear, 8 ball bearings and massively powerful 22lb. Bulldog Drag. This new reel will be available in a quick 8.1:1 gear ratio and weighs in at 7.15oz. (versus the Concept Z which weighs 6.7oz.) and will retail for only $160 dollars. This is over a hundred dollars cheaper than the Concept Z so anglers interested in the SLIDE system can now access the feature at a mainstream price. The biggest difference is the lack of any CZBs in this reel.


The Inception SLD2 is over 100 dollars cheaper than the Concept Z


Our Quick Take: 13 Fishing always pushes the envelope in design and making products that are fun to use. This season they moved a number of those design elements and technologies into new price points with the introduction of reels targeting both value and mainstream anglers. We hope that they continue to break the mold with their flagship products but it is good to see these features being made much more accessible at these aggressive price points. I'm digging the aggressive styling and choice of colors on the Modus SZ2.


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