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Daiwa Overhauls the Tatula XT Value-Oriented Rod Lineup


Date: 7/19/22
Tackle Type: Rods
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Daiwa is set to introduce several new products today at ICAST including technique specific Tatula XT rods that have been overhauled with new proprietary components and will still retail for the very aggressive price of only $99.99.


Daiwa is refreshing the Tatula XT lineup this ICAST


Complete Tatula XT Rods Overhaul: Daiwa’s Tatula XT lineup of rods have always emphasized performance at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. The current generation of rods make use of X45 bias construction and Fuji Aluminum Oxide ring guides and Fuji ACS reel seats. This season Daiwa upgrades the rods, adding character with some proprietary components, and moving more towards JDM styling.


The new rods move away from the Fuji ACS reel seats to a custom Daiwa seat


This ICAST Daiwa is moving the Tatula XT line even more towards technique specific applications and actions, while maintaining an emphasis on value.


Clean EVA split grips can be found on all rods


All the newly refreshed Tatula XT rods include the familiar lightweight and powerful HVF (High Volume Fiber) graphite blank technology but with both X45 Bias and Braiding-X blank construction to prevent rod twist for longer casts and designed to improve sensitivity and provide more hook-setting power. The series will also include two glass blank casting rods that are designed for crankbaits and bladed jigs.


A look at a Tatula reel on the new rod


The new Tatula XT rods have more personality than the last generation with an attractive and functional lightweight carbon fiber hood that includes both aluminum trim and the Tatula branding. The Fuji ACS reel seat on the last version has been replaced with an exclusive Daiwa reel seat. Both the casting and spinning rods feature JDM inspired EVA-style split grips and there is even a two-piece spinning rod designed for destination fishing.


A carbon nut finishes the reel seat


There will be a total of nine casting rods and six spinning rods in the new lineup and all will retail for the aggressive price of $99.99 dollars. “While we realize many have that one go-to rod for use with their go-to lure, the new Tatula XT rods will enable bass anglers to expand their bass rod arsenal with a series loaded with proven Daiwa rod construction,” said Marc Mills, Senior Marketing Manager at Daiwa.


Look closely and you can see the Tatula logo on the carbon nut. This component feels high-end and does a good job locking down reels


“At its $99.99 price, there’s the right Tatula XT rod for those just discovering the thrill of tournament bass fishing, and also for those savvy anglers expanding their tackle assortment so their ready to grab and cast the right lure when their forward-facing sonar shows them a nice fish to entice. The model lineup ranges from the Tatula XT731MHFB, a versatile 7-foot-3-inch casting rod, to the 7-foot-6-inch extra-heavy power Tatula XT76XHFB casting rod for flipping and pitching and for use with a heavy Carolina-rig. On the spinning side we’re thinking the 7-foot-1 Tatula XT711MLXS will find a home on many boat decks so you’re ready with a drop-shot rig or to work a Neko bait,” Mills said. “If the need calls for a bigger soft plastic or a wacky rig, check out the Tatula 7-foot XT701MHFS.”


Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides are used on this rod


The Tatula XT rods continue to make use of Fuji Aluminum oxide guides and an open hanger positioned above the reel seat on the casting rods. The same hook hanger is also found on the spinning rods, but it is positioned within the split grip above the rear EVA grip.


The X45 Bias Graphite features Braiding-X construction to reduce blank twist


All fifteen of the new Tatula XT rods come backed with a limited 1-year warranty and will be available at tackle shops in early august.


Wraps are clean and there is a gloss layer over the entire blank which adds durability but does add a bit of weight


Our Quick Take: When it comes to high-end products no manufacturer addresses enthusiasts quite like Daiwa. Halo products like the Steez and Exist cater specifically to the most demanding bass fishing enthusiasts. In the last few seasons Daiwa has made a big push to provide products for value-oriented anglers as well. We have the 731MHFB 7’3” MH in the lab now and look forward to seeing how well it fishes as soon as we clear ICAST.


The new Tatula XT rods offer upgraded features and styling and remain at the $99.99 dollar price point


From what we have seen so far, the Tatula XT looks like a rod that could easily retail for more. One of the best things about the Tatula Series of reels and rods is that they have always been about delivering plenty of bang for the buck. This season the Tatula XT continues that tradition, and it is great to see that despite the rising costs for everything from materials to labor, Daiwa still manages to keep the price of these application specific rods under $100 dollars.


The Daiwa Tatula XT Casting and Spinning Rods are Available for Order at Tackle Warehouse










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