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DUO Launches A New Wakebait and Dock Skipping T-Hog Bug


Date: 7/26/22
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: DUO
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: DUO International was not at ICAST this year but some other many manufacturers they launched a few new products that will be making their way to retailers in the coming weeks. These include a new wakebait, plastic creature, and even a new bladed treble designed to add some extra flash to DUO's small cranks and shad style lures.



One Mean Bug, the T-Hog: While DUO is best known for their hardbaits and making spybaiting mainstream the company also develops plastics that are becoming increasing popular among JDM enthusiasts. Their new bait, the Realis G-Fix T-Hog, is designed to give anglers an array of options in fishing the lure. This stocky, relatively flat creature bait can be fished in a number of ways. The body form is reminiscent of the giant Japanese water bug called Tagame, AKA Lethocerus deyrolle. The Tagame is a predatory giant water bug capable of eating, fish, baby turtles, small snakes and even able to attack ducklings. One of the animals that is willing to take this creature on are largemouth and larger bass will not hesitate to face off with this bug when defending territory or looking for a high protein meal. The lure is free standing with flared appendages, however when moved through the water the T-Hog comes to life. According to DUO the bait's skill set doesn’t rest in only pull and retrieve action. It is designed to be cast (rigged head first) and the lure can glide backwards making it an excellent dock skippin’ lure. 

“It’s designed to be fished a number of ways.  Consider it as a jig trailer or attach it to a football head and “count rock…or “free rig” the lure in the tightest cover… but dock skippin (during its prototype stage) the lure has become a favorite presentation for me personally, mentions David Swendseid an R&D Specialist for DUO and Professional Angler.  

The T-HOG looks like it has extremely versatile rigging areas.  Hooking channels and hook point covers are built into the body of the lure allowing the lure to be fished in a stealth fashion and weedless. The new bait measures 3.5" and weighs 11 grams each, and is scented with shrimp to get bass to hang on longer for that solid set. The G-Fix T-Hog will come 5 per pack and retail for $5.99.





Rozante Perj Wakebait 95f: DUO's newest hardbait is a triple jointed wakebait called the Rozante Perj. The Rozante's measures in at  3.75 inches and features a 3-segment body that is designed to issue several different actions to create a draw effect. Designed to be fished above vegetation and in tight spaces, the Rozante Perj can be pulled through the water at variable speeds. A slow deliberate retrieves create a snake like action, with a body rotation. 



The flared bill works to initiate the “side-to-side action, while bearing swivel links that tie the body segments together help free motion and move more water. The bait comes armed with three nanotreble hooks and will be available in a range of patterns that range from translucent to foiled. The Rozante is available now at Tackle Warehouse for $27.99 each.



A SHOT of bling: DUO Realis puts great hooks on their baits and is offering replacement nano treble hooks now. In addition they are introducing a new bladed treble hook called the "Drag Metal Cast Shot" treble which comes with an integrated rotating dimpled blade with a split ring attachment. The Shot’s blade is slender and compact making light, enabling the blade to move freely when moved through the water. Finished with shrink wrap to keep everything contained this little piece of kit can add flash to DUO's hardbaits or anglers can get creative and add some flair to a wide range of lures. The Shot is available now at Tackle Warehouse in sizes from 6-8 with either silver or gold blades, come 6 per pack, and retail for $12.99.


Our Quick Take: DUO is all about refinement and all of their products exhibit JDM style and attention to quality. The new Rozante Perj has a funny name but it also has some interesting features including the free moving ball bearing swivel joints and leave it to DUO to make treble hooks interesting. 











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