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Enthusiast Reel Preview


Daiwa Embraces IoT With New Bluetooth Equipped IM Z LIMITBREAKER Baitcaster (continued)


These connected features are where the name LIMITBREAKER comes from and Daiwa states that the IM Z is "a partner who "goes beyond limits together" and will grow with users who improve their skills." As new modes become available Daiwa will make them available to anglers to exapand the range of control, and all of this can be done wirelessly and in the field, assuming you have power. Unlike Shimano's DC system that charges itself the IM Z requires power to operate and communicate. The reel has a 410mAh lithium battery that is charged via a bundled USB Type-C cable via a port below the LED. It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge the system, and much less than that to charge up enough to fish. With a full charge the reel is capable of making roughly 700 consecutive casts and the reel will warn you as the battery starts drawing down.


Daiwa continues to go all-in on the TWS system


Like it or not Daiwa continues to go all-in on the T-Wing System (TWS) system. The new spool design and the distance from the spool, and approach angle, were all taken into consideration with the implementation of TWS to maximize casting distance. Like most of Daiwa's other modern reels the TWS system works by reducing resistance at the line guide as it comes off the spool. As we have talked about in the past Daiwa's design is intended to not just increase distance but also minimize backlashes with more controlled casts. While most anglers like the TWS system there are also some that still don't like the feel of the system and yearn for a traditional levelwind guide, and that includes some enthusiasts who love reels like the Z2020 and classic Steez and TD-Z baitcasters.


The Intelligent Magforce can be adjusted and fine tuned via the app and side button to adjust brake modes for various baits and conditions. Like older Magforce systems the goal of this system is to apply magnetic brake force only when needed to maximize cast distance and control


In terms of build quality the IM Z is designed to look and feel very solid and makes use of all the "Hyperdrive" design features that most anglers can no longer keep track of. Hyperdrive Digigear, Hyper Armed Housing, Hyper Tough Clutch, Hyperspace, Hyper-Hype, it is all here. In all seriousness the reel's Hyper Armed Housing is a rigid alloy frame and sideplate that holds everything securely and Daiwa's aluminum Hyperdrive digigear is designed to mesh well without going too small on the teeth so durability is not sacrificed. The other much hyped feature that is key to the reel's winding performance is the Hyper Double Support system which supports both ends of the pinion gear with two ball bearings.


A lot of Hype features here


Daiwa explained that the IM Z is built tough from the inside out, and everything from the gearing to the clutch has been strengthened to handle bigger baits and heavier applications. The IM Z makes use of the ATD drag system which is optimized to both protect the line from shock while putting the brakes on hard running fish. The ATD system on the IM Z is a multi-plate system with three carbon washers sandwiched between steel. This system is rated for just over 15lbs. of pressure. To improve performance and durability Daiwa has added a proprietary grease onto the drag that is designed to prevent it from deteriorating in performance over time. All of this is adjusted via a large diameter star drag that is made out of aluminum.


The IM Z features the ATD drag system which uses three carbon washers and multiple steel surfaces


The IM Z handles are 95mm in length and finished with power round EVA knobs that are supported with 4 CRBB bearings for smooth feel. These knobs are similar in style to the ones on the current Zillion TW HD 1000 and I personally do not love the look or feel of these ergonomically, but handles and knobs are easy enough to change.


The reel features a 90mm handle and bearing supported EVA knobs


There will be both right and left handed models available in the next few months in Japan, and both reels come with a brisk 8.4:1 retrieve and weigh in at only 8.8 ounces. This is very light for a reel of this size and in comparison the Z2020 HL weighed 9.7 ounces. Complete specifications of the two new IM Z LIMITBREAKER reels are below:


Daiwa Japan IM Z LIMITBREAKER HD-C Specifications

Weight 8.8 oz. 8.8oz.
Rated Line Capacity (Mono)
16lb/125m : 20lb/100
16lb/125m : 20lb/100
Retrieve Ratio
Retrieve Hand Right Left
Bearings 12BB + 1 RB 12BB + 1 RB
Spool Diameter 38mm 38mm
Max Drag
15.4 lbs
15.4 lbs
Brake Type
Handle Length 95mm 95mm
External Brake Adjustment?
Yes - Digital and wireless via bluetooth/app
Yes - Digital and wireless via bluetooth/app
Battery Capacity 410mAh 410mAh
Charging USB Type-C Cable (included) USB Type-C Cable (included)
Charging Time
Approx 90 minutes to full charge
Approx 90 minutes to full charge
Operating period per charge Approx 700 casts Approx 700 casts
Reel Case Yes Yes
Compatible OS Android 11 or higher/ iOS 13.0 or higher Android 11 or higher/ iOS 13.0 or higher
125,000 Yen
(~965 USD as of today)
125,000 Yen
(~965 USD as of today)


A Smart Reel: The Daiwa Japan IM Z LIMITBREAKER breaks new ground as a Smart baitcaster. As a heavy-duty and long-cast model this reel is designed with big baits in mind including heavy jigs and swimbaits, and is also saltwater rated. While bass anglers that enjoy fishing swimbaits will be all over this reel it is also designed to do battle in with everything from sea bass to hard running jacks. With technology like bluetooth and the prevalence of smartphones it was only a matter of time before reel manufacturers started leveraging IoT in their products. Not too long ago everything we have in our smart homes seemed like the stuff of science fiction, and yet embedding sensors, controls, bluetooth and making it all accessible via an app still seems foreign when it comes to fishing reels. Perhaps it is because fishing is so often steeped in tradition, but as Daiwa has shown many times over they are willing to push the envelope in design and technology.


The IM Z provides visual cues of what casting mode you are in, and is charged via a bundled USB cable on this side


The Intelligent Magforce system and the App are more than just an interface to control cast profiles. This system will also help track your data. For example, by selecting the date you will be able to view the fishing data on that period including the total number of casts during, top five flight distances, and brake mode usage. This has the potential of helping anglers fine tune their game by adjusting lures, line and leader setups, and finding ways to maximize their cast to strike effectiveness. For those that like further gamification of their experiences, the app will allow anglers to earn badges, much like you do when using fitness trackers and their corresponding apps. I'm personally excited about the IM Z LIMITBREAKER and what it potentially can do for anglers that are seeking to gain every edge that technology can provide.


A better look at the coated finish on the alloy based IM Z. The new reel is designed to look and feel more refined, and still hold up to saltwater environments and heavy fishing with big baits


The IM Z LIMITBREAKER is starting to go into production with a retail price of 125,000 Yen, or roughly 965 dollars with today's exchange rate. At this time the LIMITBREAKER is only officially being introduced in Japan, so domestic anglers will have to purchase them via one of the JDM import sites. Daiwa America has not yet disclosed whether the LIMITBREAKER will be available stateside but swimbait anglers here in the U.S. would certainly be interested, this one included.










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