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Enthusiast Reel Preview


Daiwa Embraces IoT With New Bluetooth Equipped IM Z LIMITBREAKER Baitcaster


Date: 1/20/23
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Daiwa Japan
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Daiwa Japan has launched a new generation of the Z series reels with the IM Z LIMITBREAKER. More than just an update in styling and refinement the IM Z is a Smart Reel that makes use of Daiwa's new bluetooth and app controlled "Connecting System" to control, track, and update the new Intelligent Magforce braking system.


Daiwa Japan just launched a new big bait reel called the IM Z LIMITBREAKER TW HD-C


Daiwa Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT): What is IoT? The Internet of Things, or IoT, describes the network of physical "things" that are embedded with technology including sensors and software for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices, like your phone, and other systems over the internet. Examples of IoT devices include smartphones, home automation devices like smart TVs, speakers, connected thermostats, and smartbulbs. These devices have started to make their way into the fishing industry with connected cameras like GoPros, Anglr sensors, and more sophisticated navigation, sonar, and trolling motor systems. This week Daiwa fully embraced IoT with the introduction of their next generation baitcaster, the IM Z LIMITBREAKER HD-C which features the company's first bluetooth controlled braking system called Intelligent Magforce.


The IM Z LIMITBREAKER is a new Z Series reel designed for heavier baits and applications in both fresh and saltwater


LIMITBREAKER?: When the Daiwa Z2020 was first introduced, over a decade ago, anglers were not quite sure what to make of the large angular reel. It soon became popular among anglers looking for a reel with more capacity and the ability to throw larger baits. One of the things that made the Z2020 so good was the use of a novel cast control system that the company called Magforce 3D. This adjustable cast control system regulated the action of the magnetic drag in line with the centrifugal force. In addition to micro adjustments the three modes that anglers could select from were Maxbrake, All Round, and Longcast.


The IM Z is a replacement of the legacy Z2020, a reel that has found a strong following among big bait anglers (note: I replaced the stock handle on this reel with a 117mm DRT Varial handle with red flat style knobs)


Even with all of the new cast control systems Magforce 3D has held up well and proven to be both effective and reliable. There is still a market for Z2020 reels, and their more exotic variants like the Daiwa Deps DR-Z2020XH Limited because of their affinity among inshore and big bait anglers.


The new IM Z LIMITBREAKER TW HD-C channels the original Z with a wide and squared out body, and while it has a slightly retro styling it also looks very modern with more aggressive angles, polished surfaces, and an LED lighting system. Like the previous reel one of the biggest features on the new reel is a new casting system that Daiwa is calling "Intelligent Magforce".


More than just a redesign the IM Z LIMITBREAKER embraces IoT technology with integration of intelligent digital cast control, sensors, LED status lights, and bluetooth to connect with your smartphone


Intelligent Magforce makes use of the same design principles of other Daiwa magnetic cast controls and is designed to apply braking force magnetically when anglers need it most. This new system is the most advanced yet as the magnetic brake is managed via a more complex electronic system that is able to make minute adjustments quicker, and provide both visual and audible cues to anglers during operation. A multi-colored LED is embedded into the non-handle sideplate of the IM Z lets anglers know exactly what mode they are in. These modes and corresponding colors are:


Daiwa Japan IM Z LIMITBREAKER HD-C Intelligent Magforce Brake Modes

Mode Standard Long Cast Max Brake PE/Braid Mode
Description Standard mode provides smooth, familiar and consistent performance Maximizing long casts, a good mode for covering lots of water and bank anglers Maximum braking force, good for tough and windy conditions Special mode to best manage braided superlines
Color Blue Purple Green Yellow


The Intelligent Magforce (IM) system required the replacement of a regular spool with a dedicated spool that Daiwa designers created specifically to address the brake characteristics of the new system and made use of G1 duralumin, which they consider an unusual material selection for a spool of this design and diameter. The 38mm spool is machined and sculpted to provide plenty of line capacity while shaving 7% weight versus the Z2020 spool.


Daiwa had to engineer a brand new Duralumin spool for the IM Z, this 38mm spool is 7% lighter than the spool on the Z2020


Like the Z2020 the IM Z Intelligent Magforce system can be finely tuned to better respond to various lures and environmental conditions by pressing an external switch located below the LED on the non handle-side sideplate. By pressing long or short presses anglers can access eight stages of braking force, and this is adjustable and scalable.


This is where Daiwa's IoT implementation comes in. Using bluetooth the IM Z is able to be accessed through a dedicated App on your smartphone which enables you to make adjustments, fine tune your settings, and even download new and customized brake modes to better address your personal fishing style and applications. This is Daiwa's new "Connecting-System."


A look at the Daiwa App as it connects to the IM Z and enables changing/updating of casting modes, fine tuning, and tracking of your casting stats

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