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Complete list of all current ICAST 2014 coverage
Glide Week : Riding the S-Wave!
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!
Daiwa’s Steez EX 100XS offers a Deadly Combination of Both Speed and Precision

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster



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Edge Rods Expands Their Product Offering

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Additional Recent Articles

STORMR Fusion Hybrid Takes Home Best of Show in the Technical Apparel Category
STORMR has been on a roll. Last year the company was just starting to make a name for itself in the fishing industry and this year STORMR took home top honors in the technical apparel category for their Fusion Hybrid Series Bibs.

Shimano Enters the Compact Sport Camera Market with the CM-1000
With Shimano's product offering in both cycling and fishing it was only a matter of time before the company introduced a HD sport camera, and this ICAST the CM-1000 was unveiled.

Megabass of America's New Bait Introductions for 2014
As the dust settles in what has been a whirlwind of the past two years since the establishment of Megabass of America, the company is slowly settling into their intended path of creating a more global lineup.
Record Everything from Cast to Catch with the Savage Gear Water Wolf
Not your traditional "tackle" but just as cool. This ICAST a number of companies introduced new cameras designed to help document your fishing adventures but none was more innovative than the Savage Gear Water Wolf, a waterproof and shockproof camera designed to film everything from cast to catch!
More eye candy from Abel!
California-based Abel Reels produces fly reels and accessories that are widely regarded as some of the finest in the entire world. While other companies produce premium fly reels, Abel takes things a step further and offers a variety of customizations and awesome custom paint choices.

Winston unveils two new fly rod lines
In the world of fly fishing, the R.L. Winston brand is synonymous with ultra-high quality and craftsmanship. Founded in 1929, this long-standing company produces a variety of rods for everything from trout to tarpon. As the sport constantly evolves, Winston continues to keep their product line fresh by staying at the forefront of design and demand.

More Options for Your Bait Rigs from Owner
While running the floor of ICAST, we heard rumor of some exciting new terminal tackle products from Owner America Corp, so we found our way over to their booth to check out what they have in store for the coming year.
All Things Ugly and Wild : Shakespeare for 2015
Last year saw Shakespeare's revival of the Ugly Stik - arguably the most famous fishing rod on the planet for it's unreal durability. The GX2 was quite unexpected, but quite welcomed for those consumers seeking fishability and durability at an affordable price. This year, the revival continues with a new, higher end version, the Ugly Stik Elite!
Lucky Craft's Class of 2015
In recent years, Lucky Craft has been relatively quiet during ICAST. Yes, they've had some small introductions, but for the most part these baits seemed to fill niches while they refined and expanded colors in their standard lineups. This year at ICAST, Lucky Craft is taking a page out of TackleTour's theme from 2009 and are Cranking It Up with a slew of new hardbaits!
Boyd Duckett Gets Vicious!
Vicious fishing has been making a lot of noise of late with their popular series of affordable fishing lines. Last year, they dove into the hard bait market with a standard array of cranks, jerkbaits, and frogs. This year, they're upping the ante with these baits with the introduction of their Boyd Duckett Signature Series Baits.

Megabass's Extends Double X and Refines Evoluzion
Last year, the big news at ICAST was the company's new "entry" level rods, the Orochi XX. This year, they extend that same lineup, and then, shatter all previous notions of high end rods with a lineup that only Megabass can produce.
An Enthusiast's Fantasista Dream Come True From Abu Garcia!
Enthusiasts all over North America have been clamoring for years to Abu Garcia to please release these rods, made for the Japanese market, to the shores of North America. It is finally time. Here comes our first look at Abu Garcia's vaunted Fantasista line of bass rods!
Big Bite Baits Continues to Refine their Lineup
Last year, Big Bite Baits showed us they're the "real deal" with the introduction of their Real Deal Craw and Shad baits. This year, they're extending the utility of the shad with a new tail and expanding the versatility of other baits.
Daiwa Revamps the Zillion Rod Lineup to Match the New Reels
For Daiwa the big story this ICAST was the "Zillion" revamp which included not only the updating of their popular reel series but also the company's rods as well.
Daiwa Introduces Steez AGS Spinning rods with Carbon Framed Guides
Just when you thought the Daiwa Steez Rod Series just couldn’t get any more refined, this ICAST the company is introducing an update to their rod series that will have anglers saving their money up for the most advanced Steez rods yet. Meet the Daiwa Steez AGS Series.
St. Croix - Avid Series Gets the X!
Did our headline catch your attention? Are you familiar with the St. Croix product? Several years ago, St. Croix upped the ante on their top end "Legend Elite" series by introducing the "Legend Xtreme" - a stripped down, stylized, tuned version of the original. This coming year, they're doing the same with their bread and butter Avid series. That's right, for 2015 St. Croix's Avid Series gets the X - as in EXTREME.
River2Sea's Class of 2015
After the success of last year's intro, the Spittin' Wa and the lasting popularity of the S-Wave glide bait, we were quite anxious to see what River2Sea had in store for us at ICAST this year. While the list is not very long, the refinements are quite intriguing.
New specialty fly rods from G. Loomis designed to help you fish like a PRO!
It's no secret that G. Loomis continues to make some of the greatest fishing rods to be found anywhere. As one of the most prominent builders on the market, it must be a daunting task constantly trying to come up with new and innovative products each year, but these folks never seem to disappoint.


Phenix Book-Ends Their Series of Bass Rods
Phenix looks to book end their entire bass rod lineup with a new high end series and a very much anticipated low end series. Here's what we found out during ICAST!

13 Fishing's Astonishingly Light Concept KP Reel
13 Fishing made a big splash last year when the came out with their Concept series of fishing reels. This year, they continue to up their game with what could very well be the lightest production low profile bait casting reel on the market.

Pflueger Gets a New Flagship
Pfleuger has always delivered solid performance at a very good value, but usually when I think of this brand, my impressions are of entry level to mid-market reels. Naturally, this is not the case as the Patriarch, and before that, the Supreme, are both very good intermediate to upper intermediate reels. This year, Pflueger takes things a step further with the introduction of their Patriarch XT...

The wait is nearly over...MajorCraft is coming to America
Many readers are undoubtedly familiar with the MajorCraft brand. At ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas, the TackleTour crew was surprised to see MajorCraft in attendance with a large showing of products. While their initial intentions of releasing rods on our shores were postponed due to complications, they have informed us that their arrival is now confirmed for around the end of the year.

Shimano Plans for "Conquest" in Calcutta Round Reels
Shimano fans have long pined for the JDM Conquest reels and have gone so far as to import them without warranties just to fish these high end round reels. This ICAST the big news in Shimano reels was the introduction of the Conquest that was recently introduced in Japan right here in the US market.
Bigger Water, Bigger Game Means Bigger Reels from Abu Garcia
As expected whenever ICAST hits Orlando, Florida, many manufacturers concentrate their debuts for the Inshore crowd. Abu Garcia has a host of introductions in this market as well along with a reel intended for bass of a different sort - stripers!
Abu Garcia Unleashes the BEAST!
Each year we look forward to seeing what Abu Garcia has planned for the coming season with their new reel offerings. We caught up with Andrew Wheeler, Business Brand Manager, to get a first hand look on what he and the engineers at Abu Garcia have in store for us.
Jackall Introduces new Baits including the Scissor Comb Creature and Pompadour Topwater lure
With all the hubbub about Jackall and Shimano's Adrena rods we had to take a pause and remember that first and foremost Jackall is a lure company. This ICAST the team at Jackall introduced a number of new hard and softbaits including the crazy looking Scissor Comb creature.
Okuma Introduces New Caymus and Azores Spinning Reels Aimed at the Mainstream
Okuma's roots are in spinning and the company has a long history developing spinning reels that come loaded with plenty of features at some surprisingly low price points. Now that the company has the high end covered with their Helios line they have turned their attention once again to the value and mainstream market.
Daiwa Introduces New Zillion Reels with T-Wing (TWS) System
In recent weeks Daiwa Zillion reels have been on sale, which is always an indication something new is coming around the corner. Sure enough Daiwa has refreshed the entire line this ICAST, introducing new Zillion reels that combine the company's Free Floating Spool and TWS design.









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