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Complete ICAST 2017 Coverage

TackleTour Exclusive: On the Water with the New G.Loomis Conquest Rod Series


Ready to Combat the USDM : Evergreen International's Jack Hammer
First Look Inside the New Shimano Curado K Series Baitcasters

An Easier to Fish Schooling Bait - The PDL Rig


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The KJ Flat Silent - But Lethal Crank from Lucky Craft

Shimano Lowers the Price Barrier to DC : Their 2017 Scorpion DC

Going Big with Missile Baits's Tomahawk 8.75

A Bait that Defies Categorization : Megabass of America's Vatalion
A Frog by Any Other Name Would Fight as Hard The Very Refined Fantasista Premier FNPC70-6 from Abu Garcia Megabass of America's 2017 Destroyer - Ownage is Onager BullShad Swimbaits Extends Their Lineup : The BullGill

Additional Recent Articles

This ONE Baitcaster Delivers Great Value: The 13 Fishing Origin
To address the broad market 13 Fishing has expanded their reel offerings with the new value oriented ONE3 Origin Series reels, only these baitcasters are designed to offer more style, features, and performance than what anglers have grown to expect from sub 100 dollar reels.
A Prop Bait Not for Spying but Topwater! The X-Plose Topwater by Megabass
Topwater fishing is considered by many, the most exciting way to catch a fish of any species. It is certainly one of my favorite ways to catch a fish. The myriad of different baits to help you accomplish this seemingly straight forward goal can be overwhelming. Do you choose a popper, walker, buzzer, crawler, waker, deadstick bait or combination thereof?
Channeling the Joy of a JDM Classic : Shimano's Scorpion 70/71 Platform
Any tried and true JDM bass reel enthusiast has a special place in their tackle heart for the Shimano sub-brand of "Scorpion". This is the lineup that has initiated the majority of Tackle Enthusiast for the last fifteen to twenty years.

Is the New Kovert Series from Denali Really Lighter?
Back towards the end of 2014, we took a look at a new, aggressively styled stick from Denali Rods, the K863JW from the company's Kovert line. The stick performed ok, but where it really fell short was in weight and balance. Well, the company has revamped the entire line promising 25% weight savings and overall better performance.

SpotSticker Baits's Puts the Q in Jig
Flipping jigs, finesse jigs, swimming jigs, casting jigs... when did jig fishing become such a specialized technique? Used to be you just had to choose between which type of head you wanted to use based on whether the bottom was rocky or full of weeds, but now you have to add consideration for how you're going to fish that cover into the formula...
Going For a Spin with G-Rods International
G-Rods International is the latest "wonder brand" when it comes to something new and exciting in the fishing rod marketplace. The company has done well so far in our two reviews on their Pro Bass Series and we broke the news on the availability of their brand new Game Changer rods. But before we change focus to their new series, we have at least one more Pro Bass stick to evaluate...
One More for the Road: Imakatsu and DSTYLE at the Airport
At the gate in Orlando five minutes before boarding we were greed by Munenori Kajiwara who is the distributor of Imakatsu and DStyle lures here in the US. He mentioned that he had tried to find us at the show but unfortunately we never crossed paths this year, but he did have a few new products that he thought our readers would be interested in. With just minutes before boarding we sat down for a quick look.
HUK Attack's the Footwear Market and Wins
HUK makes some of the coolest looking fishing garments on the market and while there are now more companies leveraging Kryptek patterns it was HUK that first put it on the map for anglers. This ICAST HUK entered the fishing shoe market, and did so with a very successful "Attack" strategy.
Simms Armors Up Anglers with New Technical Garment Options
With ICAST winding down we typically try and use every minute that we can meeting with manufacturers. There is always more to cover than hours in the show, but what has become somewhat of a tradition for us, is to meet with the team at Simms to close out the event. This year we met with John Frazier who walked us through the complete range of Simms new product introductions, and there were many.
Fast and Furious and Environmentally Friendly? KastKing Does it All
KastKing, a division of Eposeidon, has been making waves since they won a Best of Show for their modern aluminum framed rod rack. The company offers a complete range of fishing products including new reels and rods for bass fishermen. This year they increased their number of high performance baitcaster offerings as well as introduced a very innovative and environmentally friendly BioSpool packaging.
Flipping Out Over Missile's New Stick Bait and Jig
After their initial explosion onto the bass fishing scene several years ago, Missile Baits has taken their time updating and extending their arsenal of bass catching weaponry. Rob Pearson was on hand at the Missile Baits booth to show us what the brand has in store for us in 2018.
The Bait Everyone Will Soon Be Talking About
Is there anything more retro in bass fishing than the hand crafted wooden bait? Ok, maybe the grape colored plastic worm, but a plastic worm doesn't speak to ingenuity and craftsmanship. PH Custom lures, distributed under the Optimum Baits umbrella, is based out of Indiana and they are the makers of good old fashioned wooden lures.
Aqua-Vu goes Bigger with Their Most Advanced HD Camera to Date
Underwater cameras have improved greatly over the last few years due to the advances in optical, processing, and display technology and leading the charge in fishing applications is Aqua-Vu. This ICAST the company introduced a new flagship product, the HD10i PRO is more than just a camera, it is complete HD underwater viewing system.
Yozuri Pitches a Knuckle-Bait
This ICAST we were on the lookout for an interesting lure in the wire-bait class, which is not always easy to find. Yo-Zuri stepped up to the plate and pitched anglers a new style wire bait called the Knuckle Bait.
STORMR's New Aero Jacket and Bib Offer Anglers a Lighter Foul Weather Option
Foul weather shouldn't put a damper on fishing, especially when some of the best bites always seem to manifest when mother nature is not cooperating. Stormr has built a solid reputation for quality, dependability, and design over the last few seasons. This ICAST the company expanded their offerings even further into the freshwater fishing market with lighter and more feature rich garments.

Things Are Warming Up Over At Gill Marine!
Leveraging their over 40 years of experience, Gill continues to up the ante on weather protecting garment for the angler year after year. This year, it's all about warmth with two, new insulation options and one versatile new rain jacket.

Normark Shines Once Again with new Rapala and VMC Offerings
Rapala, a Normark brand, sent the announcement out about their new product a few days before ICAST sort of stealing out thunder. But of course, that wasn't the only news they had to share. We caught up with Dan Quinn to discuss what else was new and exciting with the brand.
The Optimum Umbrella - It's Bigger on the Inside
In case you hadn't already discerned from some of our past year's coverage, the umbrella that is Optimum Bait Company not only covers their own product, but several other brands as well. They are the US distributors of Deps, ima, Kahura, Reins, among other brands.
Sneaky not-so Sneaky Molix
Rolling into the Molix booth, it was lights, cameras, action as Mike Iaconelli held court with our friends over at TackleWarehouse filming his takes on the baits bearing his name and signature. Rather than interrupt their mojo, we met up with Carl Jacumsen, professional bass fisherman to hear the story behind his new favorite bait from Molix.
Making it Difficult to Select Your Favorite Rods
When Favorite rods debuted at ICAST 2015, we were among the first to cover the brand. Back then, they were simply making available rods they had developed for the European market. It's only been two short years, but this year, at ICAST 2017, the company had a much more robust lineup in store for US anglers.

Gamakatsu's Eclectic Introductions for 2018
Things were moving fast over at the Gamakatsu booth this year. So much so, we had a difficult time tracking down our traditional inside pros in Aaron Martens and Shin Fukae. Fortunately, Mike McClelland was available to speak with us about his new hook as well as a host of accessory products now flying under the Gamakatsu name.

Shooting for the Sky - Castaway's New Titania Air Rods
There were a lot of exciting new rods unveiled this ICAST and among the most interesting was the new Titania Air Series unveiled by  Castaway Rods. These new rods blend innovative designs together from tip to handle to create one of the most visually stunning rods we have seen to date, but it is only after you pick one of them up do you really appreciate what the Titania rods are all about.
Strike King Strengthens Their Rule
Strike King always has a host of introductions each year at ICAST and this year, we managed to hook up with FLW Pro, Cody Meyer to show us around the booth and highlight some of his favorite new baits.
Extend, Renew, Reinvent... River2Sea Continues to Up Their Game
The pros were out at the River2Sea booth this year anxious to show us what they've been working on over the past year. We caught up with a few of them to highlight some of the company's exciting new product.
G-RODS Takes Graphene International - Preview New Trout and Big Game Rods
This ICAST G-Rods did exactly as their full name implies and is taking their graphene rods international. The company showed us their new rods designed for the Canadian market as well as gave us a first look at their upcoming line of saltwater big game rods.

Deps - The Not So Silent Anymore Killer

Already well established within Japan, and producer of one of the continuously most sought after swimbaits in the world in the Slide Swimmer, Deps has even more in store for the USDM thanks to Optimum bait company everything from a unique knife bait to an L.O.U.S. type square bill. Let's take a look.

Some Things Big, Some Things Small, and a Lot of Squaring Around with Spro
2018 for Spro will be about some things big, some things small, and a lot of squaring around as the lure manufacturer extends some lines and digs a little deep to create new ones. We met up with Mike McClelland and BBZ man himself Bill Siemental to learn about the new baits.


Sunline Finally Extends P-ION to Other FC Options
Even with a full lineup of top quality lines in their suite of product, Sunline manages to push the envelope each year with a new introduction or two that keeps our Machine and abrasion tester busy. We're about ready to fall behind again as the manufacturer had three new products to show us at ICAST 2017.
A Closer Look at Daiwa LT Design, and the New Tatula Spinning Reel
At the show we highlighted the complete redesign of Daiwa's mainstream spinning reels with their new Light and Tough (LT) spinning reel makeovers. While the Ballistic LT is the highest end of these new reels it is the Tatula LT that has many anglers most excited as it bears a stealthy new look and retails for under 200 dollars.
The Future is So Bright at Lucky Craft USA, They're Distributing Sight Master Shades
Lucky Craft had plenty of bait introductions for this year that are actually already available but what surprised us when we entered their booth this year was the news that they've dipped their toes into the distributorship role helping brands from Japan enter the US Market. Takahiro Omori was on hand to show us what's up with the brand.

Three New Baits from Big Bite Bait Company
Big Bite Baits has been relatively quiet in recent ICAST shows with one introduction here, another there, but this year, they had three new products and one size extension to show us.

Gear with Grit : Hodgman's New H5 Storm Suit
When it's in the high 90's with 90% humidity outside, like it was in Orlando during ICAST 2017, it's difficult to look at a storm suit let alone think about one. What does help is when we see a new introduction that's well thought out and attractive to wear. Hodgman did just that this year with their new H5 Storm Suit.

Pflueger Continues to Define Best Value
The brand that helps define performance and affordability refines their workhorse spinning reel to deliver their lightest, smoothest revision to date. But just how did they do it? Let's take a look.

Cutting Edge - Cuda's New Tools and Tackle Center
There are a lot of tools on the fishing market, probably as many as there are reel options, and sorting through all the different options to find the really good ones can be a bit of a challenge. While there are many tools that look like they are simply re-branded work tools, Cuda is designing and building angling specific solutions, and it shows. 
13 Fishing Enters the Lure Market - Donkey Sauce!
Seriously, Is there anything that 13 Fishing can't do? It sure doesn't seem like it as the company continues to grow at an amazing pace. One of the keys to the company's success is the willingness to defy convention, take chances, and never forget to have fun while doing it.  

This Reel is Home Where the Red and Bonefish Roam
Van Staal is a brand deep with tradition and among the very top of the list when discussing enthusiast quality gear. They've zeroed in on one market, and support that market very well - the saltwater angler. Their fully machined reels are worthy of both the mantle and the surf but up until now, they've been all about big, heavy duty, reels for some of the toughest environments.

New and Blue: The Douglas LRS Rod Series
Offering both conventional and fly rods, Douglas had a presence on both the ICAST and IFTD sides (as usual) of the show. While their fly rods will be covered over on Demystifly.com, we made sure to stop by and see what they had to offer in the spinning and casting categories. The crew at Douglas always has something new to show us, and this year was no different with the introduction of their LRS rods.
Lew's is Absolutely Crushing It with Combos
A few weeks prior to the show a box arrived at the office from Lew's, and I'll admit I had a real head scratching moment when I opened it. Inside the box was a single empty can of Orange Crush, that was literally smashed and wound with fishing line tied to a hook that was attached to an invitation teasing the new reel.
The MS-1 and More From Majorcraft
I've been fishing Majorcraft's NANOACE rods for a couple of years now and even did a full-blown review of their NAC-WJ731M. These rods are solid performers especially at the given price points, but in my experience they fish lighter than their stated ratings—especially by U.S. standards. At ICAST this year, Majorcraft unveiled a new rod lineup that is said to be a bit different in regards to ratings.
Doomsday Tackle Company Plans for the Tackle Apocalypse
We've been fishing a few of the soft plastic baits from Doomsday Tackle for some time now enroute to some eventual reviews. But when we entered their booth at ICAST this year, Will Stewart, owner and COO of Doomsday Tackle Co. had something unexpected to show us - a full line of bass rods!










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