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Complete list of all current ICAST 2014 coverage
Glide Week : Riding the S-Wave!
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!
Daiwa’s Steez EX 100XS offers a Deadly Combination of Both Speed and Precision

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster



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Batson Enterprises steps up to the plate with advanced new rod components

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Additional Recent Articles

Falcon Rods Supertunes the Cara and the Lowrider Celebrates 20 Years
The first LowRider back in 1995 transformed high performance bass fishing with the first low profile guide system. This year the company had plenty to talk about as they gave the venerable series a major update.

A BIG new addition to the CCFX2 series by Nautilus
It takes a special blend of components and engineering to make the perfect big-game fly reel. That is certainly not an easy undertaking, but the folks at Nautilus seem to have the right formula in play. Their reels have received a ton of praise in recent years, and at this year's IFTD show they unleashed a real beast from their Miami, FL headquarters. 

Taking Home the Win with Savage Gear's Newest Bait
Spend five minutes with Mads Grosell, the design guru at Savage Gear, and it is clear that his passion for lure design is fueling the forge of the company's innovation. Together with Okuma the team at Savage Gear has been on an absolute tear, and part of their winning formula is due to their strategy of introducing lures based on 3D scans of actual prey.
Hardy sheds some light on their latest fly rods and reels
The Hardy brand has been associated with quality fly fishing products for many more years than I've been alive. Several weeks ago we learned that Pure Fishing acquired both the Hardy and Greys labels. What does this mean for both brands? We don't have any clues quite yet, but let's dive into what's new from Hardy this year!
DUO Expands their Hardbait Arsenal
DUO has taken the premium bass market by storm and the success of their Spinbait 80 has more than put the company on the map, it has made the brand well known among both tournament anglers and weekend warriors looking for high quality hardbaits.
New rods from Echo give your fly fishing a boost!
People interested in taking up fly fishing often complain that the sport appears to be rather expensive to get into. Sure, it's generally more costly than conventional angling to get set up with quality gear, but thankfully there are brands like Echo that make it less traumatic on your wallet.
Land the big ones with new fly lines from Cortland
Cortland offers a staggering array of fly lines for all aspects of fly fishing. We can think of no better way to introduce new products than at the yearly IFTD show, and this year they did just that by showcasing several new lines intended to enhance your fly fishing experience.
Quantum Updates the Cabo and Boca Spinning Reels to Take On Even Bigger Fish
Need a spinning reel with capacity to hold large amounts of super heavy braid or other line but don't have a $1000+ budget? Quantum introduces new, larger sizes in their popular Boca and Cabo spinning reels!

Cast tight loops with new saltwater-friendly rods from Clutch
Even though the Clutch brand has only been around since 2012, they have been steadily gaining momentum in the fly rod marketplace. Offering a range of both single and two-handed rods from 5 to 12 weight, their latest offerings are geared towards those anglers chasing saltwater game. 

Quantum Refines the PT Smoke
When Quantum debuted their original Smoke reel four years ago at ICAST 2010, it was their stepping stone to lighter, smaller reels with a greater mass appeal. This year, they redefine the popular line with some interesting advances.

AA Worms Flying Fish Swim Bait
Born out of an idea from prostaffer John Waters of Norwalk, AA Worm's new Flying Fish Swimbait began as a modified swimbait where Waters added wings to his baits to change things up. Paino dismissed the concept early on because the wings did not enhance the action of the lure, but Waters was persistent.

Cheeky helps give your fly fishing a BOOST
With a unique name and bright color schemes, Cheeky has an unmistakable identity in the world of fly fishing. We first met the Cheeky guys several years ago when all they had were a few prototype reels that they were testing and gathering opinions on. It's been nice to see their company grow since then, and we made sure to swing by their booth to check out the latest offerings. 

Simms Gears Up for Another Big Season
I can't remember another apparel company that has come in, and up, so quickly in the fishing space than Simms. The company now caters to anglers of all sorts and as usual came to ICAST loaded to bear with new technical garments and clever tackle storage options.

Argentina-based Correntoso fly reels shows off at IFTD
As one of the new fly reel companies at this year's show, Correntoso blends a very out-of-the-ordinary drag design with quality components. Upon speaking with the team at the IFTD show, they were very enthusiastic about securing a foothold in the American market. Let's see what they had on display! 

LYNX Compression Technology makes knots obsolete
There's little doubt in the mind of any angler that the knot is the single weakest link between you and the fish. While the physical line may test at a certain poundage, your knot is the biggest factor determining the true breakage strength of the entire connection. LYNX unveiled a new technology at ICAST that actually eliminates the need to even tie a knot! 

From the Heart of Trout Country: Bozeman Reel
Part of what makes conventions so great is learning about companies that you're unfamiliar with. Bozeman Reel from—you guessed it—Bozeman, Montana, is one such company. Before the IFTD show we were totally unaware of the brand, but we quickly got acquainted with their small lineup of precision reels and accessories.

Douglas shows up to ICAST with impressive new rods
Douglas Outdoors may be a new company, but that sure didn't stop them from having a presence on both the ICAST and IFTD sides of the convention center. Although founder Jim Murphy has been a prominent force in fly fishing for quite some time, his company's latest foray includes rods for conventional anglers as well.

From ice to fly with CarbonPro
Walking the aisles of both the ICAST and IFTD sides of the convention center revealed many new brands. CarbonPro is one of the newcomers to the scene, and their mix of exotic-looking ice rods and well-appointed fly rods made us stop for a closer look. Let's check out exactly what they offer.
A pair of new high-performance reels from Allen Fly Fishing
There's no doubt that fly fishing can be an expensive sport. Thankfully, companies like Allen Fly Fishing offer affordable alternatives for anglers that seek the best value. Even though Allen offers many great products that are easy on the wallet, this year they are introducing two new reel lines that look promising if you desire something even better.
SpoolTek Swimbaits Feature Innovative Hidden Leader System
Perhaps the most innovative lure we saw at the show was a swimbait offering from a relatively new company called SpoolTek. What may appear to be a pretty straightforward swimbait is actually surprisingly feature rich.

A Flock of New Products from Hatch
Few will argue that Hatch makes some of the sweetest looking and performing fly reels around. What did they have in store for us this year at the IFTD show? Much more than reels, that's for sure. Here's a look at the new products they will be unleashing into the market.

YETI shows a softer side with the new Hopper cooler
To say YETI has made an impact on the cooler market would be an understatement. Their products are immensely popular and are widely regarded as the best and toughest on the market. This year, they introduced a new soft-sided portable cooler that will be great for everything from picnics to fishing trips.

Storm Extends Arashi to the Top and Mid-Deep Range
Storm really took the bass fishing public by their company name when they introduced their Arashi series of baits last year. For the coming season, they extend this lineup into a more complete suite of products while at the same time, breathing new life into a tried and true favorite.


Kahara Further Defining Niche
Up until recently, the products we've seen from Kahara have been tools and a couple of niche frog and rat baits. Continuing their trend of addressing specific bait situations, Kahara brings to market some new, intriguing baits for 2015.

Reins Catches Creature Fever
The Reins Ax Craw has been a quiet favorite of the TT crew for a couple of years. It was supposed to be featured during our 2012 Creature Fever season, but somehow, I've yet to finish our review on this bait! Reins' entire line of products are of course inspired by sizes, profiles, and actions that are effective in Japan's highly pressured waters and for this coming year, they have two new offerings to share with us.

Glide Bait Enthusiasm Continues at ICAST
Glide Week back in April of this past year was a great success, thank you for all who tuned in. The two baits that proved most popular were both from overseas. This year at ICAST, we caught a glimpse of running changes to both baits that should please big bait throwers and fans all around.

Fenwick's New Elite Tech Bass Series
Fenwick was to the old school angler as G.Loomis is to today's' generation. There was, at one time, no fishing rod manufacturer as prestigious as Fenwick. As a member of the fishing community who remembers those days, I look forward to ICAST each passing year, to see what the crew over at Fenwick has in store.
Express Yourself via 13 Fishing's New TrickShop!
Custom Parts? In tune with the younger generation, and certainly hip to the goings on inside the bass fishing industry, it was just a matter of time before 13 Fishing offered up their own unique take on the super tuning market.

ima : Skim Grande and Carry a Little Stik
Anyone who's had the opportunity to fish a lure from ima knows that the company's product is case in point as to why so many anglers seek lures from Japanese companies. The attention to detail, quality of finishes, and assembly of their lures is just so clean. This year, ima downsizes one of their more popular lures, and upsizes another!

13 Fishing Has a New Flagship : Archangel
Jumping into the fishing industry scene just a little over four short years ago, 13 Fishing is arguably the most aggressive manufacturer of both rods and reels currently in operation. Their motto? Put aside all the petty jealousy, infighting, bragging, chest thumping. Fishing is about having fun being with friends and enjoying the outdoors - go have fun!
VMC Offers New, Twistless Hooks
VMC is the terminal tackle company not many people speak of but whose product adorns many a company's lure as an OEM product. In recent years, they've been aggressively expanding their hooks offering innovative twists to tried and true designs. They continue this trend for 2015.
Edge Rods Expands Their Product Offering
Edge Rods by North Fork Composites made a rather auspicious if not ostentatious debut in the bass fishing world last year with the introduction of their first series of bass rods the Black Widow. These rods were built with performance in mind and provided no compromises for mass market appeal.









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